SOTD - March 15, 2010 through March 21, 2010

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    Dovo "Best Quality" 5/8 // Badger Brush // Prairie Creations Dragon's Blood
    AOS Alum Block // MANDOM Aftershave​

    Much thanks to Chris (user wdwrx) for his generous PIF of the soap!
  1. SOTD Wednesday March 17, 2010 - St. Patty's Day!! :laugh:

    Razor: 4/8 Barber's Best Straight
    Soap/Mug: Mitchell's Wool Fat
    Brush: Custom Rosewood Silvertip
    ASB: Dickinson's Witch Hazel
    Aftershave: No. 4711

    First time using the Barber's Best Razor that I got from a thrift store. Needs honing bad but I wanted to use it 'cause it has da green on the scales me lad! :001_tongu

    Great shaves and photos shown by all today Gentlemen! :thumbup:

    Didn't realize the No. 4711 has been around since 1792 as stated in this 1906 advertisement! :ohmy:
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  2. Wednesday:

    Rooney 3/1 Finest
    Provence Sante Green Tea soap
    Muhle R89 with Super Iridium blade
    Booster Mosswood AS; Clinique Post-Shave Healer
    Trumper Wild Fern cologne
  3. C-MON razor
    Shavemac 22579 Silvertip
    Wilkinson Sword stick
    Aqua Velva Ice Sport
  4. [​IMG]

    Creed Baie de Genièvre Feuilles de Canneliers
  5. AJP



    Hope everyone had a nice day.
  6. shavemac #25 23mm finest badger
    proraso shaving cream
    proraso liquid cream ASB
    and...(no drum roll...) mach 3
    no seriously, i'm trying to use up the rest of my cartridges. this one was getting kinda dull too. left a little rough-ish patch on the chin. DFS other than that.

    also of note: it was only my second shave ever with this brush; a step up from my AOS Pure Badger one. Still getting a feel for its water retention and stuff, but i do like the feel of it
  7. Thanks!! :001_smile

    yeah, had I thought about it, I'd have gone out and grabbed some clover and placed in the shot.. :wink2:
  8. Wyeth's KR 300 | Truefitt & Hill Silvertip | Gentlemans Refinery Black Ice | Saint Charles Shave Avocado Oil

    * If there ever was a "steampunk" style razor this would be it!
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  9. This morning's (Wednesday, March 17) shave:

    Plisson Size 8 High Mountain White Brush | Nancy Boy Shaving Cream | Union Cutlery Spike | Charismata Mini-Razor Restoration/Salvage of a Heljestrand MK 31 | Nivea ASB (not shown)


    This was a DFS in more ways than one: the Union Spike is an eBay purchase I honed myself, the first honing I've ever done, and the mini-razor, aside from rescuing a blade I'd broken and putting it in handsome, wonderfully made scales, is a perfect size for some hard to reach nooks and crannies.

    So when I was done, I not only felt well-shaved, but like someone able to maintain some important tools for their daily life, and fortunate to be part of a community ready and willing to assist me in that. If that ain't a DFS, then there ain't no such thing! :smile:
  10. Wednesday

    1949/50 American Superspeed
    Kai blade
    Tabac stick
    Kent BK4
    Alum block
    L'Oreal Man Expert 24hr Hydrating AS Balm
  11. Wednesday:

    Semogue 1305
    Irisch Moos
    Henckels #16
    Osage Rub


    Nice, green theme if I don't say so myself!:wink2:

    Enjoy your green beer today, gents!
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  12. Must be the shave of the day! That razorhandle matches the Guinness tap handle. :thumbup1:

  13. Limey

    Limey Moderator Emeritus

    Merkur "Gold" HD
    Derby blade
    Omega Boar Red Handle
    QED Lime soap
    Thayer's Lavender WH
    Citrocol Light Lime AS
    Nivea Cooling Balm ASB
    T&H 1805 Cologne
  14. Great shot! :w00t:
  15. Thursday Morning:

    Razor: TV Special
    Blade: Astra Superior Platinum (3)
    Cream: Nivea
    Brush: Penworks Finest
    A/S: Cussons Imperial leather
    ASB: Gaia Organic

  16. TOBS Avocado Shaving Cream + MWF Shaving Soap + 5 drops of glycerin
    Semogue 2000 Boar Brush
    Wade & Butcher «Celebrated Hollow Ground» Straight Razor
    Brut After Shave Splash
    444 After Shave Balm

  17. Wade & Butcher 6/8 : B&B Essential : Penhaligon's English Fern

    iPhone pic today. Crazy morning followed by crazy day.

  18. Wonderful! Having a little Guinness myself right now.
  19. Proraso pre
    EJ BBB
    Taylor's almond sc (almost finished)
    R89 with feather (5)
    Clinique asb
    Penhaligon's Endymion cologne
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