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SOTD "FREE WEEK" September 20th - September 26th, 2021

SOTD - Sunday 26 September 2021


  • Safety Razor: Tatara - Masamune
  • Blade: Polsilver - Super Iridium
  • Shaving Brush: Vie-Long - 14830 - 24mm Bulb (Horse Hair)
  • Shaving Soap: Fitjar Islands - Slåtterøy
  • After-Shave Balm: Fitjar Islands - Slåtterøy
20210925_091101-01-01.jpegSOTD #239/2021


Preshave: shower, frigid tap water
Brush: Shavemac Synthetic 26mm
Soap: Stirling Soap ~ South Padre
Razor: Henson Shaving AL 13 medium
Blade: vintage Polsilver Stainless (13)
Post shave: frigid tap water, Stirling Soap Orange Chill AS and witch hazel.

Have a nice Sunday, y'all!
Yesterday was
25 September, 2021


Pre: Wash w/CeraVe bar
Brush: Stirling "Kong"
Lather: Stirling "Deep Blue Sea"
Razor: Hone "Type 15"
Blade: Astra blue
Post: GBS Alum bar
Balm: CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion
Frag: Burberry "London"
Got some new Stirling soaps.
Started with "Deep Blue Sea,"
Stirling's take on "Bleu de Chanel."

The lather is rich and effective;
the scent is nuanced and compelling.

Stay healthy,

RAZOR MERKUR PROGRESS setting 3 on One pass 3 on touch ups
Did just a shampoo and conditioner bath and without break-in good to go.

Now after wetting the brush the funk is back.


  • IMG_20210926_175741.jpg
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Shave of Day.jpg
Face wash with Neutrogena Liquid Facial Soap
Coates Sandalwood Cream
Franks Shaving Syn
Captain’s Choice Copper
Timeless SS SB .68
Personna Lab
Thayers WH & Proraso ASB
Jimmy Choo Man Intense
Coming to the end of the Coates Cream. A nice, rich, thick lather. The Timeless – Lab combo resulted in a perfect shave.
Razor: Gillette - 1955 Red Tip SuperSpeed (Birth Year)
Blade: Personna - Super Stainless (Electro-Coated) Vintage (1st)
Brush: Dscosmetic - Cashmere 26mm
Pre-Shave: Stirling Pink Clay - Facial Bar Soap
Lather: Spearhead Shaving - Seaforth! Heather
Aftershave: Spearhead Shaving - Seaforth! Heather (toner)


Seeing Red!
No, I’m not boiling mad, I’m just happy to shave with my beloved Red Tip. It’s always a pleasure.
I decided it was time to give these vintage Personna blades a try. They actually came with the razor when I purchased it. I have no idea when these blades were manufactured.

The shave went well. The blade was as smooth as silk. What more could a man ask for.
The Seaforth Heather was uber thick and creamy. I whipped up way too much. Note to self: Use less!
While I was building my lather I was thinking it was much like PAA CK6.
The matching aftershave feels nice and leaves me smelling like a chick magnet. This is a toner, so if you crave that “afterburn”, you may not appreciate it as much.
Sunday injector shave, SEptemper 26th 2021, When I use the injecto-matic it came N.O.Stock I believe, it still had the blank installed + a pamphlet in the case. The Pal branch of ASR spent over 1 million dollars designing this razor and tooling it up in the 1950's. (click on pictures to enlarge)
Pal Injecto-matic ASR Mfg1958.jpg Pal injecto-matic instructions 2 (2).jpg Pal injecto-matic instructions (2).jpg PAL injecto-matic instructions 3 (2).jpg

Razor: Pal injecto-matic, Mfg 1952>? tame mid range injector, nice grip on this handle, great design, interesting history.
Blade: Personna SS PTFE (2) very sharp, great longevity, smooths out over time + predictable.
Soap: Ach Brito Lavada cream, nice mild scent of lavander + great lather quality's.
Brush: Yaqi 24mm Atlantis, excellent lather generator, cloud like soft tips, great scrubber + great lather painter.
Pre shave: Brush wash my whole face with CeraVe hand bar cleanser + a dollop of clear Aloe Vera gel on the cleaned beard area.
Prep: Cold water rinse after each pass of 2 + pickups.
Post shave: Ach Brito Lavada with witch hazel + a dollop of CeraVe moisturiser balm(excellent balm + scentless)
Results: CCS,DFS,BBS, + minor irritation + blemish weepers= :a17:Excellent shave with my Pal injecto-matic with a Personna coated blade.

SOTD,  Sep 26th 2021.jpg

Have some great shaves!

Well there's no longer any question, gang! I am slowly becoming addicted to little Swedish 4/8 razors. Yes, the steel is very hard. It takes some time to build an edge, but they take such an amazingly smooth and sharp edge. This little Neistrom #52 4/8 arrived from Poland tarnished and with a chip in the edge towards the toe. I cleaned away the tarnish, and after learning my lesson with the little Tornblom, pulled out the very aggressive Pride Abrasive water stones I use with my very hard steel Chef knives.

I began with the 220k stone and slowly removed the chip in the toe, then switched to 1k, 6k and 10k, before moving to the 9 Ball slate and finished burnishing the edge on the Jasper. From there I went to the 4 sided pasted constroption, finishing on the Roo-skin bench strop. The little Neistrom easily passed the styrofoam peanut test at that point. Stubble seemed to just melt away. The reputation these little Swedish razors have is well justified. Two passes left my face with the kind of smooth my hand will definitely be returning to for the rest of the day.

The noggin shave featured my British Gold Gillette Rocket. I’m generally not a fan of TTO safety razor head design, but this little razor has never let me down. I snagged it several years ago on the big UK auction site. I saw it just after it appeared with a very low Buy-it-now price. In fact it was so low, I suspected it might be a scam. Fortunately for me, it was just someone who wasn’t aware of what they had. A very knowledgeable TSD Gillette expert friend identified it. Loaded with a Kai or Feather blade, it always does the job as it did this morning leaving me velveteen smooth from the shoulders up.

RAZOR: Edward Neistrom #52 4/8 (Mug), British Gold Gillette Rocket (Dome)
PREP: Cold water rinse followed by a scrub with Argan Oil
BRUSH: MrEE LE Aluminum Handle #005 with SynBad Knot
SOAP: Mitchell’s Wool Fat
POSTSHAVE: Cold water wash with brush squeezings followed by a rinse with Humphreys Lilac WH. Finished with Krampert’s Frostbite AS Splash.
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