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SOTD "FREE WEEK" September 20th - September 26th, 2021


Agua y jabón :: Portus Cale :: Rubberset 400, JiM Creative Shaving :: Wolfman WR2, Wizamet :: Varón Dandy[/b]



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Brush: Simpson Wee Scot 13/39
Soap: Vitos Red
Razor: RazoRock Lupo 95 GT
Blade: Personna Red (17)
ASL: Hogwarts Express [home brew]

(Apart from the face scratching :001_rolle) a very nice shave. :biggrin:

Having finally tamed the Mighty Midget, I thought I'd give my Wee Scot another go. I tried it when I got it yonks ago and the scritch was so pronounced that I've just left it hibernating. (I have a Simpson's Duke 2, and a Case, both in Pure which have WAY less scritch than this errant Best Badger Wee Scot.)

The Wee Scot is now my new SCRITCHMEISTER. It more than equals what my Mighty Midget was like originally (and that's saying something). That said, it's a superb performer... so I intend to brave the outrageous scritch and see if it will go like the Mighty Midget did eventually.

Obviously, if it starts to wreck my face I'll give up and bin it. I couldn't be low enough to pass it on to anyone.
The experiment begins. :devil:

Happy shaves guys. :cornut:

Sunday SOTD


Razor: Supply Provision The Single Edge
Blade: Schick (D7)
Brush: Yaqi Moka Express Synthetic 24mm
Bowl: Black Ship Grooming 4.5"
Pre-Shave Scrub: MRGLO Lime
Pre-Shave Oil: AOS Lavender
Shave Soap: Sudsy Soapery Lavender & Peppermint
Balm: Organic Shea Butter Lavender
Aftershave: Hawaiian Shaving Co. Lemon Lavender
09/26/21 Shave of the Day
Face Wash with Stirling Soap Company Saguaro Blossom Bath Soap
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Son of Honeysuckle Conditioning Shampoo Puck - Summer Seasonal
Pinnacle Grooming Saint Tropez Shaving Soap
AP Shave Co. Handcrafted Lemon Drop Shaving Brush with 26mm Cashmere Fan Top Knot - 1st Use
Creative Flame Pottery Stoneware Shaving Scuttle
RazoRock Stainless Steel Mamba DE Safety Razor
Feather New Hi-Stainless Blade - 1st Shave
Lancaster Razor Works Tangerine Orange Black Sheep Shaving Towel
Phoenix Shaving No Slip Grip Alum Block with Rubber Grip Band
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Alum Block Dry Dock System
Thayers Alcohol Free Lavender Witch Hazel Toner with Aloe Vera
Pinnacle Grooming Saint Tropez After Shave Splash
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements St Martin's Land Natural Deodorant - Sport Strength

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Even more clueless than you
Sunday 26th September 2021
PrePAA Cube 2.0 USA 🇺🇸
SoapSalt Lake Amalfi Coast, Australia 🇦🇺
BrushBGB Fallen G6 Badger, Australia 🇦🇺
RazorRazoRock German Slant, Canada 🇨🇦
BladeDerby Premium, Oman 🇴🇲
Post ShaveProraso Alum, Italy 🇮🇹 Proraso Balm Italy 🇮🇹
FragranceSquadron Soap Ace, Australia 🇦🇺
I haven’t been in my Save Studio for a couple of months of days due to some illness. Today I decided that I would have some leisurely time mixing it up a bit. Using some different techniques for lathering and generally experimenting a little with soaps and brushes. I know why I love this hobby after spending the best part of the morning enjoying myself. A nice shave both head and face with pleasing results. Happy Shaves wherever you may be.

SOTD : 26th September 2021.


Shaving Recipe For today.

Prep: Warm shower:/Nivea Men Power Fresh Shower Gel.

Cold wet flannel to my face.
FatFace Ocean Escape Soap Bar.
Brush: Yaqi Sagrada Familia 24mm Synthetic.
Bowl Lather.
Bowl: Home Bargains Stainless Steel Side Bowl.
Lather: Palmolive Classic Shave Cream.
Blade: WeCut Platinum. (D2)
Razor: SNMIRN Adjustable. (settings) 4-wtg,8-atg,-6-pick ups.

Cold water face wash with brush squeezings, Cold Water Face Rinse. /Homemade (~Autumn/Winter mix~) peppermint lavender, eucalyptus, + Tea Tree essential Oils Mixed Together With 200ml of Care+Witch Hazel./ Cien Sensitive ASB./ X-Bolt EdT.


A relaxing Sunday morning shave.

The Palmolive classic shave cream is such a wonderful performer which creates a rich protective lather with only a small amount giving a great lasting classic fragrance throughout the shave, leaving a good post shave feel.

Another enjoyable 2 pass + pick ups close comfortable shave from the SNMIRN razor with no errors to report.

Finishing to the shave off with a few small squirts of X-Bolt EdT to the pulse points.

My face is feeling super smooth & smelling divine.;)

Stay safe, and enjoy your Sunday ladies & gentlemen.:cool:
Sept Stirling SR Sun 26
Soap Stirling Haverford
Brush BOTI 26mm Fan Silvertip
Razor P Hospital Le Grelot Thiers
Aftershaves Stirling Witchhazel BayRum + Stirling Haverford Splash & Balm!
Awesome sweet tobaccoist scent from the soap. The lather was creamy and slick too...one of my favorite for sure!
SR adventures continue with this excellent razor! Enjoyed the nice smooth pasted balsa edge in 3passes without any issues for a dfs/ccs result. Matching aftershaves were awesome as well!
20210926_094509-01.jpegSOTD #238/2021


Preshave: shower, frigid tap water
Brush: Shavemac Synthetic 26mm
Soap: Stirling Soap ~ Executive Man
Razor: Mühle Rocca R94
Blade: vintage Polsilver Stainless (12)
Post shave: frigid tap water, Stirling Soap Executive Man AS

Happy shaves, y'all!
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