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SOTD "FREE WEEK" November 9th - November 15th, 2020

S.O.T.D - Sunday, November 15, 2020
Pre-shave:- RazoRock Charcoal Lime PreShave Soap
Bowl/Scuttle:- Roger Quintero 3D Printed
Brush:- RazoRock Disruptor
Soap/Cream:- RazoRock Al Sapone
Razor/Blade:- Shick Adjustable Injector (M1)/Schick (12)
Post:- RazoRock Ultimate Alum / Thayers Cucumber WH / AV Balm
After-shave:- RazoRock Al Sapone​
Sunday night shave--go Crew-1!


Prep: Neutrogena Razor Defense face scrub
Cream: Maggard Razor Limes & Bergamot by Through the Fire Finecraft
Brush: Omega 10290 boar
Razor: Merkur 34C HD, shave #5
Blade: Astra SP, shimmed (#2)
Post: Alum -> hyaluronic acid -> last of the Gillette Series moisturizer (freebie from Shave Dash order)

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, quick and easy two-pass DFS again tonight. I think there's a small boost to efficiency with the shim so I'm going to leave it that way as I continue to use this one.
SOTD, Sunday, November 15, 2020

Rating: 5 / 5

Razor: Merkur Progress
Blade: Personna Lab Blue
Brush: Simpson Trafalgar T2
Pre-Shave: PAA Cube 2.0 Mentholated
Lather: Belle's Place Green Irish Tweed
Aftershave: Stetson
Additional Care:
Alum Block
cold water splash
Thayers Witch Hazel Cucumber Toner
Neutrogena Men Razor Defense Face Scrub

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Williams Wednesday. Williams, van der hagen self heating pre shave, kampfe star, 4th use gem blue star and paa black bot star jelly. Shave turned out good. This was my first use of the van der hagen self heating. I don't like it it was warm for a split second and was very thirsty. They it irritated my skin. So I don't think I'll use it again. Result was bbs and after rinsing the face no irritation.
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