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SOTD "FREE WEEK" November 4th - November 10th, 2019

Pre-Shave: Kiss my Face Olive Oil Soap, cold water
Razor: Wolfman WR1 SB-P WRH2 SS
Blade: Voskhod (1)
Brush: Doug Korn D7V
Lather: Mike's Bergamot, Orange, Ylang-Ylang
Post-Shave: Alum, Thayers Original Alcohol Free Witch Hazel, South Australian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :thumbup:
Saturday 9th November

Vitos Preshave Cream
Stirling Pumpkin Spice Shaving Soap
Rod Neep HD Silvertip Brush
Ikon MR-SE on a Windrose Damascus with a Feather Super Pro
Thayers Witch Hazel with Cucumber
Palmer's for Men Moisturiser
Clubman Reserve Brandy Spice

2 passes for a perfect 'Face Feeling' Finish
Pre: Glycerin soap
Brush: pantarei manchurian 26mm
blade: Proline P30
Soap: Eufros zanziba
Post: Eufros balsam zanzibar
9 Nov 19
Rockwell 6S
Blade: Kai stainless (0)
Brush: 24mm Vie-Long Peleón Horsehair
Pre-Shave: Shower and face wash
Lather: Tabac shaving soap
Aftershave: Floid Black AS / Nivea cooling balm
Additional Care: Thayer’s WH
Prep: Warm Shower-Stirling Scots Pine Sheep
Soap: Los Angeles Shaving Soap Woody Lavender
Razor: Vintage Gillette Fat Boy
Blade: Vintage Personna 74 Tungsten (1)
Brush: Elite Razor/TGN Grade A Silvertip-24mmx50mm
Aftershave: Clubman Whiskey Woods

WTG-XTG-ATG (adjusted angles for my beard)

LASS Woody Lavender today. 20 seconds to load the Elite Razor/TGN Grade A Silvertip brush. Easy, thick, slick, lather. I loaded a new vintage Personna 74 Tungsten in the vintage Gillette Fat Boy. Excellent smooth, close, shave. I finished with Clubman Whiskey Woods aftershave.




Excellent shave this morning. R-41 for the face and Vector for the noggin scrape. Two pass BBS for the face and one pass DFS for the dome. First run with the R-41 which delivered an unbelievably close face shave! I now understand the hype about this razor!

SOTD 11/09/19

RAZORS: R-41 w/ RR Bulldog handle(face) and Blackland Vector (head)
BLADE: Voskhod
PRESHAVE: Coldwater rinse followed by PAA’s Charcoal-Menthol Preshave Cube soap
BRUSH: Omega Pro 48
SOAP: Mitchell’s Wool Fat
POSTSHAVE: Cold water wash of face and head w/ MWF followed by Aqua Velva on both
Prep: Cold water
Razor : Muhle R41
Blade: Polisiver Super Iridium
Lather: Storybook Soapworks Carnivale
Brush: Leonidam Molten Sapphire
After-shave: Cold water --> Saponificio Varesino Settantesimo Anniversario (70th Anniversary)


SOTD 9 November, 2019

Time to start running through several Stirling sample soaps/aftershaves that I've picked up in the past month... so here we go! :)

Pre-shave: hot shower and towel
Razor: Merkur 34C HD
Blade: Voskhod (#1)
Bowl: Fine Accoutrements Ceramic Lather Bowl
Soap: Stirling Arkadia
Aftershave: Stirling Arkadia Splash

I simply had to replace the Voskhod after #4 yesterday - it seems to have gotten somewhat tuggy, and this is the second Voskhod that I've had do this. Not sure if it's the particular pack I'm using or what, but these Voskhods are acting like Feathers...

Lovely shave this time, though, with a new Voskhod blade and crazy-good Stirling soap. 20 seconds of loading on the puck was more than sufficient (I could have done four or five passes with what I got). Slick, dense, wonderful lather. What a lovely fragrance, too! I was pretty sure from the description I'd love it, but after shaving with it this morning I'm all the more sold. I'm fearful of the other 7 samples I've gotten what they may do to my wallet. Photo Nov 09, 09 01 47.jpg
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Saturday, November 9, 2019
Floid oil pre.
Ariana & Evans, Tertius (Edic. Spanish Shavers) Shaving soap & Aftershave
Paladin, Falstaff Lemon Drop
Antonio Pedrosa 9/8 (C52100, fighting bull)
SOTD Nov 09-2019, Having a little fun with this Enders speed razor and today was a excellent day for a great shave it produced. Having a little Gem and Schick experience that comes into hand Technique with the Enders it can produce a excellent shave with a Ender's blade carrier(Jararuh's idea at TSD). The razor is nimble and a different experience when shaving because I basically engineered my shave feel and not some one else to get MY desired results. Once the carrier is set to your shave it is just shaving 101 for the next round with same settings as before + a historical OPEN COMB razor brought back into service!

Razor : Enders speed razor- MFG 1930's> for this model
Blade : Schick proline B20(1) with a Enders blade carrier modified to hold the B20
Soap : Nivea original shaving cream
Brush : Yaqi tuxedo knot 24mm +
Presahve: Brush wash the face with CeraVe hand bar soap + dollop of Aloe Vera gel
Post shave: Alum + cold water rinse
Post shave: Nivea refreshing aftershave + Nivea balm
Results: CCS,DFS,BBS + Alum indicated minor irritation + 1 blemish weeper= :biggrin1:

Enders trial #2 with improved carrier (2).jpg

Have some great shaves!
Balea Men synthetic brush
Cyril R Salter Sublime Citrus
Qshave Merkur Futur clone
Rapira Super Stainless
Nivea antibacterial aftershaves splash
Seinz aftershave balm IMG_20191109_175010.jpg



SOTD, Saturday, November 9th, 2019

Shower at gym + glycerin soap face lather and rinse
Geo F. Trumper violet shave cream sample
The Art of Shaving badger brush
Gillette Toggle safety razor + no-name stainless blade
Cool washcloth rinse
Alpa Fialka violet cologne

SOTD November 9th 2019

MWF shaving soap
Razorock GC .68 w/ Voskhod blade

Black Ship - Peg Leg Nichols aftershave (not in picture)
WildWest Shaveworks 26mm w/ TunNShave Silversynthetic knot

11/09/19 Shave of the Day
Face Wash with Detroit Grooming Manistee Glycerin Eucalyptus & Mint Bar Soap
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Solstice Shampoo Puck (W/ Yucca Root & Cider Vinegar)
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements CUBE Mentholated Preshave Soap
Mason Boutique Octane Shave Soap
RazoRock 400 Solid Aluminum 24 x 57mm Plissoft Synthetic Shaving Brush
Creative Flame Pottery Stoneware Shaving Scuttle
Rockwell 6S Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor, Plate 5
Bolzano Superinox Blade - 8th Shave
Shavex Alum Block
Thayers Alcohol Free Lavender Witch Hazel Toner with Aloe Vera
RazoRock King Louis Lavender Aftershave Tonic
Aqua Velva Sensitive 5 in 1 After Shave Balm
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Sangre De Drago Natural Deodorant - New Sport Strength Formula​

B IMG_6246.jpg