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SOTD "FREE WEEK" May 24th - May 30th, 2021

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Soap: Goodfellas Furiah
Brush: Simpson T1
Razor: Gillette Heritage
Blade: Rapira Platinum
Aftershave: PAA Han Polo
Razor: IKON Teflon Tech
Blade: Gillette 7 O'clock SharpEdge (3)
Brush: SOC Silvertip Badger, 24mm
Bowl: Van Yulay Honey Comb

Soap: Catie's Bubbles Celtic Knot

Post :Cold water rinse,
Dickinson's Enhanced Witch Hazel,
Irisch Moos After Shave splash

Have a great day everyone [emoji106]

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It's another "FREE WEEK" ladies and gentlemen.

It's time to be creative.

Please feel free to post any photo, with any gear and any style you chose, or contribute by telling us what you used in your shave, with comments on the shave, if you desire.

Color, B&W, sepia or a photograph with any type of artistic touch you wish is always desired.

Thank you

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Ron R

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MMMonday, May 24th 2021

Razor: Gem Micromatic Clog Pruf(Peerless version), excellent midrange, smooth glide, great results.
Blade: Gem Personna SS PTFE (5) excellent blade, very sharp, great longevity, smooths out nicely & predictable.
Soap: Gillette Pure cream, nice clean scent + great lather qualities.
Brush: Yaqi 24mm HM Silvertip badger, excellent lather generator , soft tips, good scrub + great lather painter.
Pre shave: Brush wash whole face with CeraVe hand bar cleanser + a dollop of clear Aloe Vera Gel on the cleaned beard area.
Prep: Cold water rinse after each pass of 2 + pickups. WTG + ATG + pickups.
Post shave: Fine fresh Vetiver with witch hazel + a dollop of Nivea balm.
Results: CCS,DFS,BBs + no irritation + no weepers= :a17: Excellent shave with my Gem MMCP with a coated gem blade.

MMMonday, May 24th 2021.jpg

Have some great shaves!
Rex Envoy v. Gibbs Normal (aka +/-) / Feather. While I prefer the handling of the smaller and lighter Gibbs, Envoy gave me superior performance this day. Haven't tried a shim for rigidity in the Gibbs, that might help a bit. And of note the Feather blade was new in the Rex, second use in the Gibbs.

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Razor: AutoStrop Valet VC3 (1935-1940?) Gold Wash
Blade: AutoStrop “Valet” (Vintage) (8)
Brush: Henri et Victoria: Karma (synthetic) 25mm
Pre-Shave: Innisfree - Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam
Lather: Henri et Victoria - Nautilus
Aftershave: Henri et Victoria - Nautilus
Additional Care:
EDP: Henri et Victoria - Nautilus


…and then she gave them 40 wacks 30 strops
Even though this vintage Valet blade gave me a great shave with my VC3 on my 6th usage, it gave me a “damn uncomfortable” shave on its 7th outing with my VB2. Was it the blade or the razor? Let’s find out!

Vintage Valet blade back in the VC3 on shave no.8 and it performed just fine. I did give it 15 strops per side before shaving. No uncomfortable roughness or tugging like in the VB2, just a normal feeling shave. I had to do a little extra chin and jaw work, but that’s normal for an Autostrop and my facial geometry. The blade is on its 8th tour, so even though there was no pulling or tugging, I did need to do I bit of extra scrubbing.
I gave it a lot of chances, but this shave proved to me that my VB2 is a hard-assed uncomfortable shaver and will probably be retired. I’ll try to pick up another just for comparison. You have to remember that these razors are 90 years old and “who knows” what they have been through.

Razor: Gem Junior Lather Catcher
Blade: Personna GEM PTFE Stainless Steel Blade
Brush: Jayaruh #163 White Queen in synthetic
Pre-Shave: Proraso White
Lather: Razorock Mudder Focker
Aftershave: Maurer and Wirtz 4711
Additional Care:
Thayers Facial Tonic Witch Hazel Unscented
Imperial Leather Talcum Powder
Brush: Sagrada Familia
Bowl: Timeless
Soap: Haslinger Aloe Vera
A/S: Aqua Velva Classic Ice Blue
Great shave today! CCS/DFS I’m still learning how to use the GEM razor. Haslinger is fantastic, this will always be in my soap rotation! Have a great day y’all!
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