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SOTD "FREE WEEK" June 1st - June 7th, 2020

It's another "FREE WEEK" ladies and gentlemen.

It's time to be creative.

Please feel free to post any photo, with any gear and any style you chose, or contribute by telling us what you used in your shave, with comments on the shave, if you desire.

Color, B&W, sepia or a photograph with any type of artistic touch you wish is always desired.

Today's Full Brut Shave;
  • Haircut and Shave Co N75
  • Astor (2)
  • PAA Et Tu Shave Soap
  • VdH Bowl
  • Fine Lather Bowl
  • Zenith Manchurian
  • Gentleman Jon's Alum Block
  • Brut AS (USA)
  • Brut Splash On (USA)
  • Brut EdT (Eur)
  • Brut Antiperspirant Deodorant (USA)
  • Homemade Hair Tonic
  • Clubman Whiskey Woods Body Powder
  • Clubman Firm Hold Pomade


Monday SOTD


Razor ATT Aluminum Bamboo SE1
Blade: Feather Artist Club Professional (D1)
Brush: Semogue 2040 HD
Bowl: The Distinctive Goat Style 3 5" Maple\Walnut band
Pre-Shave Scrub: MRGO Lime
Pre-Shave Balm: GroomingDept Eucalyptus & Spearmint
Shave Cream: AOS Peppermint
Butter: Saponificio Varesino Puro Burro di Karitè
Aftershave: Chatillon Lux Colbeck
First time with straight.

Razor: no name cheap find
Brush: Isana badger
Soap: The amazing Cella
AS: Tarr
Beer: Hoppy Hell


Went pretty successful, just one small cut on my lip.
Stropping feels kinda awkward like even though i know what to do it feels like i am doing it wrong.

Beer was fantastic, best find of the year so far.
Mon 1st June SOTD
Soap Catie's Bubbles Irish Coffee
Bowl Turkish Copper
Brush Yaqi 24mm Sagrada Familia
Razor RazoRock GC.84 SB
Blade Astra Super Stainless 1st
Post & Aftershave
Ice Water + Special Thayers Mix
Hyaluronic Acid + Aqua Velva Musk
French Press Colombian Beans
Nice lather especially with the coffee scent. Can't resist posting with my morning coffee...hahaha.
Shave with razor paired with blade was really smooth and comfortable. 1st & 2nd passes very comfy but on 3rd...forgotten not to chase bbs...hahahaha. Went abit aggressive on the neck and suffered weepers again! Overall between BBS and DFS. Rating 8/10
Date:- 01 June 2020

Pre-shave:- Cold Water straight from the tap
Bowl/Scuttle:- Captain's Choice
Brush:- WCS Two-Tone Tall (Blue & White) Extra Dense Synth. 26/56mm knot
Soap/Cream:- Declaration Grooming ~ 88 Chestnut Street
Razor/Blade:- Karve CB Matte SS 'SB-D' / Polsilver SI #6
Post/After-shave:- T.N. Dickinson Witch Hazel Astringent mixed into the 240ml bottle with Natural Glycerin (20 drops) & Tea Tree Antiseptic (10)
Fragrance:- Proraso Wood & Spice
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