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SOTD "FREE WEEK" July 5th - July 11th, 2021

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It's another "FREE WEEK" ladies and gentlemen.

It's time to be creative.

Please feel free to post any photo, with any gear and any style you chose, or contribute by telling us what you used in your shave, with comments on the shave, if you desire.

Color, B&W, sepia or a photograph with any type of artistic touch you wish is always desired.

Mon 5th SR SOTD
Soap Arko Stick
Brush Yaqi 28mm Tuxedo
Razor Dorko Solingen 7/8 Near Wedge
Post & Aftershaves Ice Water + Stirling Witchhazel Orange Chill + Hyaluronic + Old Spice Original
The ever-reliable soap! Nice pleasant scent, creamy and slick lather perfect for SR...
Should have been a GEM Monday but ever since my straight razors are honed up...I am like a kid just learning how to cycle...can't get enough...hahaha
The shave with this Dorko was uneventful and managed to get 3passes for a ccs to sas result without any issues within 30mins (morning workday rush). Hmmm...strangely, somehow I prefer that ZY430 yesterday...hahaha!
Aftershaves were awesome.


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1) Italy: Brush Omega 10777.
2) Italy: Soap Proraso White Tub.
3) USA: Razor Gillette NDC Gold Ball End Tech.
4) Japan: Blade Feather.
5) France: Alum Block Osma.
6) Germany: Aftershave Balm Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm.
7) Spain: Cologne Nautica Classic Cologne.
Pre-shave:- Cold Shower
Bowl/Scuttle:- Captain's Choice
Brush:- Semogue SOC 2 Band Finest Badger in Taj Resin 24/53mm knot
Soap/Cream:- Stirling Soap ~ Autumn Glory
Razor/Blade:- Merkur 34G / Gillette Minora Stainless #10
Post/After-shave:- T.N. Dickinson Witch Hazel Astringent mixed into the 240ml bottle with Invite E High Potency Pure Oil (10 drops), Natural Plant Glycerin (20) & Tea Tree Oil Antiseptic (5)
Tonight Tipple:- Jack Daniel's
Pre-shave: Perricone MD Super Clean Face Wash /Tomb 45 Shave Gel
Razor: Gillette 1940s SuperSpeed
Blade: Voskhod
Brush: Maseto Two-Band
Soap: L'Occitane Cade
Aftershave: Alum/Thayer’s Cucumber Witch Hazel/Vi-Jon Spice
Balm: Port Products Balancing Daily Moisturizer

Face wash with Neutrogena Liquid Facial Soap
Haslinger Coconut
Morris & Forndran 2XL Finest
Captain’s Choice Copper
Gillette Red Tip
Wizamet Super Iridium
Thayers WH & L’Occitane ASB
Versace The Dreamer
Using Haslinger Coconut, tallow formula soap for the second day in a row. The Red Tip did a nice job of knocking down the whiskers. A very comfortable, BBS shave. Have a good week, gents.

Pre-shave: Truefit & Hill
Soap: A&E, Asian Pear
Brush: Maison Lambert 100% Silvertip Badger, Faux Horn
Razor: ATT Windsor, SSR1, Satin/Matte
Blade: Personna Red, Israeli
Post shave: Jack Black

Result: Excellent shave (close to BBS)

Comments: A new combination of razor and blade. I like the blades and the razor, but despite the quality of the shave, I wasn’t fond of this combination. It was more efficient than some others, but not as smooth as I like. I can feel some slight irritation (not surprising). I doubt I will try this combination again.

Razors: Feather Pro AC, SS (first use) and
Blades: Feather ProGuard (1) and
KAI SS (4)
Brush: RazoRock Chrome Silvertip Plissoft Synthetic,24mm
Bowl: Timeless Razor plastic

Lather: Soap Commander INSPIRATION

Post: lather remnants during clean-up,
Cold water rinse,
Alum block,
Thayer's Cucumber Witch Hazel,
Soap Commander COURAGE Aftershave Balm

Have a great day everyone [emoji106]

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Today is
5 July, 2021


Pre: Noxzema
Gel: Elegance Plus "Jupiter"
Razor: RazoRock "Lupo"
Blade: Derby "USTA"
Post: GBS alum block
Balm: CeraVe Moisturizer
Frag: Bigelow "Barber Elixir Black"
Managed to waste all morning
online, hence the gel shave.

Stay healthy, everyone!

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