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SOTD "FREE WEEK" January 18th - January 24th, 2021

Another day in my week of Williams treat, Williams mug soap and the fine lather bowl, with an Omega 49 boar brush, a Wilkinson Sword safety razor as well as a Twig SE razor, followed up with a pass of the old alum block and a splash of Ice Blue Aqua Velva. The Wilkinson Sword razor was a cheapie from Italian Barber but it sure gives a good shave. lather120.jpg shave120.jpg


SOTD - This week I received an unexpected gift that I immediately needed to try out. My good friend Nina, who owns and singlehandedly runs the Swedish artisan Lauguar of Sweden shaving soap brand sent me samples of two new scents she’s made: Rimfrost, a menthol/eucalyptus scent and Ragnarök, a patchouli-cedar wood version.

So - being a menthol nut I have been trying out the Rimfrost the last few days, paired up with the best shaving gear I could muster: 1938 British Gillette Aristocrat, Feather blade, Simpson synthetic brush in beautiful faux sapphire and my favorite homebrew blue splash (also heavily mentholated, hehe).

Rimfrost is a Scandinavian word for the light frost you see on a lawn or field on a late autumn/early winter morning. The kind you know will vanish when the sun comes up, but still looks so fleetingly beautiful. And this is what Nina is so fantastic at, focusing in scent and story on the Nordic outdoors, the scents of nature, the earth, the trees, fresh air. In full, the brand provides something very different from other more global/international/bigger brands.

Now, the shave: In short - this is a great soap, very easy to lather up, light but quite discernible menthol/eucalyptus scent, cool feel, and just easy to shave with. The Aristocrat (most beautiful razor ever made, bar none) supported this to perfection, smooth, mild, efficient, great balance and feel. Some people say this coveted razor is not mild, but all mine are. You need to look for a good condition one, though. And the Simpson is an absolutely superb brush, lathers everything in an instant and is supersoft with sufficient backbone.

Thanks Nina for this! - Happy shaves, folks.

I have no affiliation to Nina, other than being a most satisfied customer.

A2369A59-1A41-4D32-8179-790BE05F4FCA.jpeg FF50BA6E-8DDF-479C-A10E-B2EB8330FFAB.jpeg
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