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SOTD "FREE WEEK" April 19th - April 25th, 2021

25 April, 2021


Brush: PAA StarCraft synth
Bowl: Captain's Choice Heavy Copper
Lather: Captain's Choice "Land Ho"
Razor: RR Mamba 70
Blade: USTA
Post: GBS Alum Block
Balm: L'Oreal Sublime Glow tanner/moisturizer
Frag: Ted Lapidus

A lazy, Sunday evening shave.
Not much else to say. Now to watch
"The Quiller Memorandum"
for the umpteenth time.

Stay healthy, everyone!

Sunday, 4/25


Razor - Timeless SS 0.95 OC
Blade - Astra SP
Brush - Dogwood Handcrafts 24mm silvertip
Soap/AS - PAA Sangre de Drago

Timeless is still the king of smooth; impressive every time. The software was a real treat. I don't get a lot of the oud until the splash, but it's killer regardless.
Sunday Schick shave, April 25th 2021

Razor: Stick Schick injector L type theme series- MFG 1973, I like using this razor because it reminds me of my youthful days.
Blade: Personna SS PTFE (3) excellent blade, very sharp, great longevity, smooths out nicely, predictable.
Soap: Razorock Irish countryside- nice mild scent with excellent lather qualities, good post shave feel.
Brush: Yaqi Rainbow 26mm brown whiskers- great lather generator, cloud like soft tips, great scrub + great lather painter.
Pre shave: Brush wash whole face with CeraVe hand bar cleanser + a dollop of clear Aloe Vera gel on the cleaned beard area.
Prep: Cold water rinse after each pass of 2 + pickups. WTG + ATG + pickups.
Post shave: Razorock Blue barber with witch hazel + a dollop of Nivea balm.
Results: 9/10 or CCS,DFS,BBS + no irritation + 1 weeper=
Excellent shave with my Stick Schick L type with a Personna coated.

Sunday Schick shave, April 25th 2021.jpg

Have some great shaves! Stay & think safe in these times!
Sunday, April 25th

Razor: Gillette Slim Adjustable 3/5
Blade: King C Gillette (8)
Brush: Omega 10098
Lather: Proraso Green
PAA Scuttle
Post: cold water, witch hazel
AS: Brut

My first experience with Proraso Green. How invigorating. The cream is great at making lather and the menthol is so refreshing. Easily enough lather for 3+ passes. I should probably get the matching after shave, but the Brut works well with the cream fragrance. Very pleasant shave. 8/10
Razor: IKON Teflon Coated SB
Blade: Israeli Personna (2)
Brush: H.L. Thater 4125 Fan Super Badger 24mm
Bowl: Captain's Choice Ceramic

Soap: Shaver Heaven, Plum Tea

Post: Humphrey's Citrus Witch Hazel
Provence Sante' Green Tea aftershave splash,
Provence Sante' Green Tea EDC

Have a great day everyone

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