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🏳️🏴🚩🏴‍☠️🏳️‍🌈 “SOTD - Fly Your Flag Theme Week” May 22nd - May 28th, 2023 🏳️🏴🚩🏴‍☠️🏳️‍🌈

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Razor: Parker Adjustable
Blade: Blu Strike vintage (1), Made in US
Bowl: Captain’s Choice Copper
Brush: Yaqi 20mm synthetic
Soap: Stirling Piacenza. Made in US
Aftershave: Stirling Piacenza Made in US

Ron R

I survived a lathey foreman
DE SOTD, Saturday, May 27th 2023

Razor : TARMax by Tom White @twhite- Mfg 2021, 1 of 4 proto types, interesting design and very hard to machine top cap out of aluminum IMO. This razor amazes me for smoothness and efficentcy and handles well. I use a modified Micromatic handle for my Tarmax razor head when using it for very enjoyable handling and it is modified to tighten head on settings so not to move at all in use. Had a close comfortable shave this morning with no issues.
Blade : Personna red(1) sharp & smooth with great longevity.
Soap : Razorock Lavender, nice masculine scented soap with excellent lather qualities.
Brush : Yaqi "Sagrada Familia" 22mm 2band badger, excellent lather generator, pillow like soft tips, excellent splay scrubber + great lather painter. This little brush is amazing to use + face feel is top notch excellent. Handle is small so that would be the only draw back I can think of.
Pre shave : (Dedicated Cashmere synthetic)Brush wash whole face with CeraVe hand bar cleanser with a dollop of clear Aloe Vera on the cleaned beard area.
Prep : Cold water rinse after each pass of 2 + pickups. WTG + ATG + pickups.
Post shave : Razorock King Louis lavender with witch hazel + a dollop of CeraVe moisturizing lotion(scentless).
Results : 1-10 dial - Copy (2)2 template 10.jpg or CCS,DFS,BBs + no irritation + no weepers=:a17: Excellent shave with my DE Tarmax with a Personna Red. One of the most comfortable razors I have used, top cap needs to be handled with care because of thinness!
SOTD May 27 2023.jpg

Have some great shaves!
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As all my Athena shaves have been really good, I've decided to stop the Fixed Four. :eek6:
@Cal beautiful piece, now try it with Jack Black Beard Lube 😉
Considering that I'm doing a Fixed Four, I was surprised at your suggestion. All the same, I was intrigued and looked it up.

I didn't like that it was just slap on your face with no brush; but I did like that it was translucent... so I invested in one small tube. It arrived today. Its many reviews are definitely encouraging, but none of them appear to be from shaving hobbyists.

I'll definitely give it a try (I love experiments) but it won't be till I've finished my Fixed Four (sometime in June). I thought that "Beard Lube" was a crazy label for a shaving cream.
So today, I used Jack Black Beard Lube.


Cream: Jack Black Beard Lube
Razor: Lambda Athena X28 (18)
Blade: Gillette 7o'clock Black (4)
ASL: Clubman Musk

A superb shave. :biggrin:
This shaving cream (called Beard Lube :crazy:) is the BEST I've used to date.:punk: Thank you, @SalS.:001_cool:

Happy shaves guys. :cornut:
May 2023 GRUME
Modern May 2023

Hello friends,

Saturday is the day I care the most about shaving. It's usually when I test new combinations. Today's was amazing: Mike's Orange, Cedarwood & Black Pepper, with Floïd Suave and EDT Terre d'Hermès. Sublime!

I resorted to my usual Saturday razor, Green Cult 2.0 plate IV with my favorite blade, Gillette Nacet (5) and the best-spent $10 of my life: Omega 48 Pro.

Frank was with us, of course.

Rating: 10

Have a nice weekend and great shaves.

27 May, 2023
Prep: Hot towel
Razor: Barbaros TR-1
Blade: Blade: Gillette Bleue Extra
Brush: Shavemac 24/48 D01 2 Band
Soap: Wholly Kaw: Pasha’s Pride
Post: CeraVe moisturising lotion..
Fragrance: Mousse Illuminée by Rogue Perfumery

another sublime shave with the TR-1, I really can't remember why it went out of rotation for so long... and the older donkey/buffalo milk base (pre Siero) is probably my fave WK base..

Razor: Gillette 1974 U2 Trac II TwinJector
Blade: Schick Super II
Brush: The CaYuen Workshop Candy Cane in HD Silvertip Badger
Pre-Shave: Proraso White
Lather: Noble Otter Lone Star
Aftershave: Mennen Skin Bracer
Additional Care:
Thayers Facial Tonic Witch Hazel Unscented

Sunday SOTD

Razor: 1948 Gillette Aristocrat
Blade: Blade: Astra (Blue) Superior Stainless (D3)
Brush: Rubberset 200-4 w Maggard SHD 24mm
Bowl: The Distinctive Goat Style 4 5½” Cypress Sinker Log
Pre-Shave Scrub: Ach Brito Glyce Lime
Pre-Shave Balm: GroomingDept Mojito
Shave Soap: PAA Atomic Age Bay Rum
Balm: Viking Soaps Bay Rum
Aftershave: PAA Atomic Age Bay Rum


Check Out Chick
Staff member

1) Great Britain: Brush Simpson Trafalgar T3.
2) USA: Shaving Soap OZ Shaving Tik Tok Tobacco and Coffee Shaving Soap.
3) China: Razor Jack the Barber DE razor.
4) India: Razor Blade Gillette 7 O’clock Black.
5) France: Alum Block Osma.
6) Australia: Aftershave Balm The Stray Whisker After Balm.
7) USA: EDT Calvin Klein Escape for Men.

SOTD: 28th May 2023.


Shaving recipe for today.

Prep: Warm shower:/ Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Body + Face Wash.

Cold wet flannel to my face.
Pears Original Transparent Bar Soap.
Brush: Yaqi 26mm Rainbow Brown Synthetic. (Faux Horse)
Bowl Lather.
Bowl: Home Bargains Stainless Steel Side Bowl.
Lather: Monsavon Au Lait Shaving Soap.
Blade: Vidyut/Supermax Super Stainless. (D2)
Razor: Parker 94R.

Cold water face wash with brush squeezing's, Cold Water Face Rinse./Alum Rub./Cold Water Rinse/Homemade (~Spring/Summer mix~) Lemon, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Essential Oils.3 Menthol Crystals Mixed Together With 200ml of Care+Witch Hazel./ Calvin Klein Eternity For Men ASL./ Aloe Vera Gel.


A relaxing Sunday morning shave.

The Monsavon Au Lait as always provided me with a wonderful protective slick lather for the shave leaving an excellent post shave feel.

A close comfortable 2 pass +pick ups shave with no errors to report. Finishing the shave off with a few small dollops of Aloe Vera Gel.

My face is feeling super smooth & smelling divine. ;)

Keep safe, and enjoy your Sunday ladies & gentlemen. :cool:

Sun 28
Soap Smoking Monsters Palace of Bliss
Brush Yaqi 26mm Moka Express
Razor Wade & Butcher 13/16 Wedge
Aftershave A&E Peach & Cognac Splash
Nice enough combination of soap brush and splash!
This razor's performance is improved from the last use after another session on the HBA...
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  • SOAP : Stirling Executive Man​
  • RAZOR : Schick Krona​
  • BRUSH : Stirling Synthetic​
  • BLADE : Personna platinum​
  • POST : Cold water rinse followed by Stirling unscented mentholated witch hazel with Stirling Executive man AS to finish​
  • FRAGRANCE : Armaf Club de nuit intense man
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