SOTD - December 14 through December 20, 2009

Discussion in 'Shave of the Day!' started by FiXXXer, Dec 13, 2009.

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  1. joshmpdx

    joshmpdx Moderator Emeritus

    • Rooney Pure Special
    • The Real Shaving Co "Moisturizing"
    • Case, Red Imp 5/8
    • AV
    • PARFUMS DE NICOLAI - Pour Homme
  2. Another great one!
  3. Not the greatest shave today, I think I'm ready to re-hone this razor.

    Ever Ready/Golden Nib Silvertip, Dennett Pottery bowl, "Be Wise" 5/8 razor.
    CADE Soap, Splash, Balm.

  4. The Nid Hog

    The Nid Hog Moderator Emeritus

    EJ DE89L w/Feather Blade
    Handcrafted Silvertip Brush
    Trumpers Rose Shaving Soap
    SCS Savory Rose Aftershave Splash
    C&S 88 EdT
  5. Livi 7/8 : B&B Essential : Penhaligon's English Fern SS : Proraso ASB

  6. 16th:

    p160 Tipo Morbido
    Omega boar
    A1 SS with Feather
    Thayer's Lemon
    SCS Woods AS

    J. Peterman EdC
  7. Wow...lots of great photos today!


    Plisson 16
    Coate's Sandalwood cream
    EJ Chatsworth with Swedish Gillette blade
    D.R. Harris Pink and Milk
    Knize 10 EdT
  8. Wednesday:

    Rooney 1/1 Finest
    Institut Karite
    Le Grelot
    Bump Patrol
    Pinaud Bay Rum
    Thayer's Supehazel

    I'm not perfectly happy with my Le Grelot just yet. I gave it 20 laps on my barber hone. Hopefully that will do the trick.

    In other news, today is the day I'm going to buck up and order a B&B LE 09. One for me and one for my dad. We'll both go with butterscotch. The rest of you on the fence, go for it today in butterscotch!:thumbup1:
  9. Merkur 23c
    Omega boar
    Body Shop cream
    Cade ASB
  10. joshmpdx

    joshmpdx Moderator Emeritus

    Nicely done!

    If B&B doesn't buck up the Butterscotch orders we won't fill the quota to make the order :bored:
  11. Wednesday the 16th of December 2009 noon.

    Brush: KBBSBB
    Blade: Red IP (3)
    Razor: 69 super adj. 9/9 (afraid to try the straight again just yet)

    Soap: Mama Bear Welcome Home
    Splash: TSD Ray's Christmas Tree
    Balm: Em's Place Outdoors
    Cologne: Bulgari Aqua Marine
  12. Hot Shower
    Proraso Pre/Post
    TOBS Lime SC
    Savile Row 3824
    Perma-sharp Super (5th shave)
    IT Floid Blue + 444

  13. [​IMG]

    Rooney 1/2 (New)
    Progress - long (New)
    Pdp ASB

    I love new toys!!

    Gem Featherweight
    CVS Brand SE Blade
    Vulfix 2006 Badger
    Kell's Twist Up Shave Stick
    Drakkar Nois Cologne
  15. Futur / Super Iridium
    Shavemac 177
    TOBS Mr Taylor
    Floid Blue
    C&S 88 EdC
  16. beginish

    beginish Moderator Emeritus

    Nice looking Progress, Jake.
  17. Limey

    Limey Moderator Emeritus

    Merkur "Gold" HD
    Derby blade
    Omega Boar Red Handle
    Mama Bear Tangerine and clove soap
    Thayer's Lavender WH
    Booster Oriental AS
    Nivea Cooling Balm ASB
    T&H 1805 Cologne
  18. Thursday morning:

    Razor: Black Handle SS
    Blade: Supermax Platinum (2)
    Soap: QED Fresh Limes
    Brush: Penworks Finest
    A/S: Mont St Michel
    ASB: Gaia Organic
  19. Gold Dollar
    Semogue 1305 boar
    Proraso pre/post
    Proraso Green Tea and Aloe soap
    Proraso aftershave splash
  20. merkur HD w/crystal
    TSD signature sc
    penworks silvertip
    co bigelow elixir red
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