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🍺🥤🧃🍸 SOTD - “Beverage Week” April 4th, 2022 to April 10th, 2022 🍺🥤🧃🍸

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I smell like the KING OF SPRING & I used the 3 floral wisemen- Thayer, Taylor, & Pinaud.

Brush: Omega 10098 Boar

Soap: TOBS Lavender

Razor: Gem Junior open comb

Blade: Gem SE (umpteenth shave)

Post Shave: Thayer’s Rose WH

Aftershave: Pinaud Clubman Lilac Vegetal

Daughter says I smell like a barber shop and cleaner- wife says I smell like baby powder and old lady, but says if I like it, more power to me- which MEANS it isn’t verboten- she says that about tabac. She says I smell like a 90 year old woman. I’m gonna go ahead and disagree. She says your sister would say you smell like a grandma. So. Yeah. “You smell like my grandma.” Whatever, Lol, grandma smelled like the Hungarian cavalry 😂🤣😂 so there’s that. Anyway, I like it, I like the way it feels, the smell is okay in my book and I intend to use this throughout the spring and summer months. Been chosen! It’s more than a scent- it’s a feeling.
Sunday SOTD

Razor: 1946/1947 Gillette Aristocrat
Blade: Feather (D7)
Brush: Semogue 2021 Spanish Shavers Mistura Limited Edition
Scuttle: Yoresh
Pre-Shave Scrub: Holy Black True Grit - Coffee
Pre-Shave Balm: Vitos
Shave Soap: Prairie Creations DdC Barbershop
Balm: Saponificio Varesino Puro Burro di Karitè
Aftershave: Floid Amber (Italian)
SOTD : 10th April 2022.


Shaving recipe for today.

Prep: Warm shower:/Asda Sea Salt & Fennel Extract 2 in1 Shower Gel.

Cold wet flannel to my face.
Chantry Lavender Goat's Milk Bar Soap.
Brush: Semogue 1305.
Face Lather.
Lather: Lea Shave Stick.
Blade: Parker/Personna PTFE SS. (D4)
Razor: Parker InjRzr. (Settings) 3-wtg. 4-xtg/atg.+pick ups.

Cold water face wash with brush squeezing's, Cold Water Face Rinse./ Homemade (~Spring/Summer mix~) Lemon, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Essential Oils.3 Menthol Crystals Mixed Together With 200ml of Care+Witch Hazel./Cien Sensitive ASB./ X-Bolt EdT.

A relaxing Sunday morning shave.

A wonderful performance from Parker InjRzr...The Lea shave stick, providing a good slick lather and a great post shave with no drying issues.

A enjoyable 2 pass + pick ups comfortable shave with no errors to report.

Finishing the shave off with a few small squirts of X-Bolt to the chest & pulse points.

My face is feeling cool, smooth & smelling divine.

Stay Safe, and enjoy your Sunday Ladies & Gentlemen.
Sun 10 Last Beverage SOTD
Soap Yaqi PinaColada Chillers
Brush Yaqi 26mm Orange Black Synthetic
Razor Ribbon 1000
Aftershaves Stirling Witchhazel Orange Chill + Yaqi PinaColada Chillers Splash
Superb soap qualities! Very nice scent, cooling sensation, and a creamy slick lather...love this!
A satisfying shave with the razor after stropping on pasted balsa and buffalo leather. 3 smooth comfortable passes for a dfs finish. The matching aftershave was chillingly cold...perfect for today's hot & humid weather!


Check Out Chick

1) Germany: Brush Wilkinson Sword.
2) USA: Shaving Soap Long Rifle Voyageur Shaving Soap.
3) Germany: Razor Gold Merkur Futur.
4) Germany: Razor Blade Wilkinson Sword.
5) France: Alum Block Osma.
6) USA: Aftershave Tonic Long Rifle Brown Bess Aftershave Tonic.
Domenica, Sunday, April 10, 2022. Domingo, 10-4-2022
Floïd pre shave oil.
Catie's Bubbles, Inspirazione di Parma shaving soap.
Vereinigte Pinselfabriken (VP) Leonhardy & Co. KG, Rein Dach Silberspitze.
Mastro Livi, Snake: Damasteel superdense twisted full hollow, 8/8, snake tip, giraffe bone scales.
Acqua di Parma: Lotion, balm aftershave & EdC.



Nothing like a green themed shave to start the morning off. The Filarmonica 13P Novodur performed as expected. I really enjoyed the Naniwa 12k/Suehiro 20k edge on this razor. I’m still not quite 100%, so my grandson, Kevin, built the edge for me under his father, Ben’s and my watchful eye last night before my bridge game with SWMBO and her brother and sister-in-law in Las Vegas night thanks to the wonders of modern online bridge software. Sorry to wander, but the Filly delivered a first class very smooth mug shave result.

The dome shave was just splendid. I’ve been shaving with these Schick B-20 injector blade equipped Durham Enders razors for the last two months prior to returning to my straight shaves yesterday morning at home. Hospitals do not allow Parkinson’s patients to shave with straight razors! Go figure! ;<) I had my PT try an injector shave with a gifted G Type I provided to him. He really liked the shave, and has since ordered a Supply razor. No more carts for that young man! Two ATG dome passes left your happy narrator velveteen smooth from neck to noggin. I’m looking forward to this beautiful, sunny day here in the Philly burbs!

RAZOR: Filarmonica 13P Novodur 11/16 (Mug), Durham Enders Green Handled Speed Shaver (Dome)
BLADE: Schick B-20 Injector (Dome)
PREP: Cold water rinse followed by a heavy scrub with Argan Oil
BRUSH: RazoRock Rubberset Black Synth Replica
CREAM: Castle Forbes Lime
POSTSHAVE: Cold water wash with brush squeezings followed by a splash of Royall Lyme AS/Cologne.
Sunday's Shave
Shave of Day2.jpg
Face wash with Cera Ve Hydrating Facial Cleaner
Ethos Lavender
SOC Boar
Captain’s Choice Copper
Feather AS-D2
Thayers WH & L’Occitane ASB
Jimmy Choo Man Intense
68th shave with the Ethos Lavender. The brush today is my SOC Boar. Unlike my other boar brushes, this one is very soft. I again had to scoop some of the soap out since the hole in the soap puck is so large. Nevertheless, the lather was nice and rich. A Different razor today: a Feather AS-D2 loaded with a fresh Feather blade. My usual four-pass shave resulted in a BBS shave with little effort. Have a great day, folks.
Speick Shave Stick
H.L. Thater 4376/3 Silver Tip
Muhle R41 (2013)
Gillette 7:00 Yellow (6)
Omega Alum Stick
Nivea Sensitive Cool Balm
Versace Pour Homme

George F. Trumper Eucris
Vie-Long 13052
11/16 George Wostenholm "Pipe Razor"
Tony Miller 3" Steerhide Strop
Omega Alum Stick
Murray & Lanman Florida Water
Nivea Sensitive Cool Balm
Nautica Blue

Reef Point Sublime
Shavemac Custom Silver Tip
5/8 Robert Klaas "Kissing Cranes"
Tony Miller 3" Fast Bridle Strop
Omega Alum Stick
Clubman Citrus Musk
George F. Trumper Lime Skin Food
Hove Limes des Buras
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