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Ikea Bowl ¤ Semogue Galahad-C3 Mistura ¤ Mühle R89 Rose Gold + Merkur
Nanny's Exotic Soap ¤ Myrsol F./Extra ¤ Scuderia Ferrari Racing Red EDT

SE SOTD, Wed, Jan 26th, 2022

Razor: Oneblade core- Mfg 2017> excellent mild razor, great design, Feather FHS-10 blades it uses have no longevity so I use 2 de-splined Gem blades. I just grind 1 spent one on the cutting edge and stack the new Gem blade on top and place together in the core and works well. There is enough resistance to hold the blade and makes the shave a touch better for efficentcy IMO.
Great razor to use shaving the back of my neck after each hair cut clipping.
Blade: excellent blade, very sharp, great longevity, smooths out nicely + predictable. Best cost per/shave for SE blades IMO.
Soap: Ogallala Bayrum with Sandal wood, great soap, great lather qualities. I Enjoy the scent of Bayrum with sandalwood.
Brush: Yaqi 24mm Mysterious galaxy silvertip badger, excellent lather generator, heavenly pillow like soft tips, great scrub + excellent lather painter.
Pre shave: Brush wash whole face with CeraVe hand bar cleanser + a dollop of Aloe Vera gel on the cleaned beard area.
Prep: Cold water rinse after each pass of 2 + pickups.
Post shave: Witch hazel cleanse + Ogallala Bayrum with sandalwood (some clove) + dollop of CeraVe moisturizing lotion.
Results: CCS, DFS,BBS + no irritation + no weepers = :a17:excellent shave with my Oneblade Core with a de-splined Gem.
SOTD Jan 26, 2022.jpg

Have some great shaves!
Wednesday SOTD- two passes to get to DFS, a relaxing, easy shave today:

Pre-shave: shower
Razors: Maxwell June twinned DE
Blade: Treet New Edge (1)- seemed to be quite smooth, if not especially sharp; I'm enjoying testing these Treet blades
Brush: Rein Dachs Klassik 20mm badger- break in continues with great face lather today
Soap: Canada Shave Soap- just keeps delivering fine lather and excellent shaves
Post-shave: cold rinse, then Floid Black AS and some Cereve as the dryness here continues

Today's EDC knife is a Benchmade 940.

Have some great shaves!


Razor: Rex Supply Ambassador
Blade: The Blade (Personna) Stainless Steel
Brush: Simpson Captain 2 Best Badger
Pre-Shave: Proraso White
Lather: Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood
Aftershave: LBCC Historical Bay Rum Aftershave
Additional Care:
Thayers Facial Tonic Witch Hazel Rose Petal
Imperial Leather Talcum Powder

Hampden fifteen jewel hunter from 1895 with 25 year Dueber case.

Preshave....PAA Mentholated Cube in the shower
Shavemac 26/54mm Two Band Silvertip Fan
Bowl....Captain’s Choice Copper Bowl
Soap....Martin de Candre Vetyver
Razor....Wolfman WR2 1.25 SB / Gillette Common Bar Handle
Blade....Gillette Perma-Sharp (4)
Post Shave....PAA Alum, Thayer’s Lavender Witch Hazel
After Shave....Fine Green Vetiver
Balm....Nivea Sensitive
Frag....Guerlain Homme EdP
Rating....DFS+ 9.8

Closest Shave with the 1.25 yet. Three passes wtg, xtg, atg. Used the Gillette Common Bar handle again. The shave was pretty effortless. Definitely better than the solid WRH2 I sent via BST today to it's new owner with the rest of my 1.15. I chose the right gap I think. The 1.15 could not quite achieve today's shave. My mustache and soul patch area area closer than they have ever been. I was never satisfied with this area around my mouth with another razor. That is probably mostly technique, but, the razor does make some difference. I don't know how I would get on with higher gaps, but, the 1.25 is keeper.
RAZOR: Gillette Aristocrat
BRUSH: Razorock Barber 24mm synthetic
BLADE: Personna platinum 4th use
SOAP: Stirling Ice coffee
POST SHAVE: Cold water rinse followed by the alum block followed by Thayers witch hazel and Nivea post shave balm
FRAGRANCE: Bently Intense

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Jan. 25, 2021 – New Year's Shaves 25

  • Razor: Winning Razor
  • Blade: Astra Superior Stainless (2)
  • Brush: Maggards Build-a-Brush 26mm Timberwolf Synthetic
  • Bowl: Timeless Shave Bowl in blue
  • Lather: Melange – B+M
  • Post shave: Melange – B+M

A spicy shave to shape up the Wednesday work week. Comfortable, close and easy, just how I like it.
01/27/22 Shave of the Day
Face Wash with Stirling Soap Company Saguaro Blossom Bath Soap
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Agharta Conditioning Shampoo Puck
Barrister and Mann Vespers Shaving Soap (Seasonal) New Excelsior Soap Base
AP Shave Co. Handcrafted Lemon Drop Shaving Brush with 26mm Cashmere Fan Top Knot
Captian's Choice Copper Lather Bowl - Obsidian
The Twig Razor Berryblue Finish
Personna Blue Comfort Coated Blade - 5th Shave
Lancaster Razor Works Tangerine Orange Black Sheep Shaving Towel
Phoenix Shaving No Slip Grip Alum Block with Rubber Grip Band
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Alum Block Dry Dock System
Thayers Alcohol Free Lavender Witch Hazel Toner with Aloe Vera
Barrister and Mann Vespers Aftershave Splash (Seasonal)
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Epic 5% Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) Serum
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements St Martin's Land Natural Deodorant - Sport Strength

B IMG_0453.jpg
Wednesday Evening Injector Shave

Razor: Schick M
Blade: sChick (3)
Brush: WCS synthetic
Soap: Captain's Choice Nor'easter
A/S: Skin Bracer

Living in the SC Lowcountry I pay little attention to the weather unless it is hurricane season. When I learned today that my neighbors to the north are bracing for a Nor'easter, the elements of this shave were established in my mind.
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