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SOTD August 21-27

Nancy Boy Face Wash
Schick Extreme 3
Merkur Futur Silvertip
Proraso Pre
GFT Sandalwood
Witch Hazel
Proraso ASB
GFT Coral Skin Food

I was in a rush this morning, so I tried shaving with a cartridge for the first time in over a month.:eek: Suprizingly got a prety good shave. I guess the brush, prep, and cream do make a difference. Not as good as a DE, but probably the best I have ever gotten using a cartridge.:biggrin:

Schick Grip Injector/Barbershop Classics Blade
M-P Tall Brush in Best
Taylors St James SC
GFT Alum Block
GFT Coral Skin Food
Birch Extract Hair Lotion

Sensational Indulgences Sandalwood Cologne

Nivea Double Action Face Wash
Merkur 1904
Derby blade
Vulfix #406
Taylor's Rose
Thayer's Witch Hazel
Nivea's A/S Replenishing Balm
Nivea's Protective Lotion
Savile Row badger
Merkur Progress
Arko "Sensitive" shaving cream
St-Ives Intensive Relief moisturizer
Dolce & Gabbana edt

Merkur Vision w/Feather blade
Savile Row 231 super
Coates tea tree shaving cream
QED rose hydrosol
Feather ASB
T&H Trafalgar EDT
Shower: Baxters Italian Lime-pomegranite body wash, Nancy Boy shampoo, conditioner; Provence Sante' Verlaine facial scrub

Merkur Progress with "Sharp" blade
SR-208 brush
Taylor Almond
Provence Sante' Verlaine A/S

Provence Sante' Verlaine cologne

I forgot how good the Taylor Almond is. Fantastic shave.

Merkur HD w/ Feather
Vulfix 2234
Proraso Pre/Post - Pre
Proraso Cream
Alum Bar
Thayer's Rose WH on neck
Proraso Pre/Post - Post
Proraso ASB

Drakkar Noir EDT

Three full days of stubble to start with and now completely BBS with no irritation.:cool:
20 minutes in the steam room during which I massaged some AOS pre-shave oil into the skin

Merkur HD/Derby
Shavemac 30mm silvertip

CAR peppermint shavepaste directly to face
AOS lemon
CAR peppermint balm and paste for T/C
CAR Sage tonic and peppermint A/S

beautiful shave, I may have to shave at the gym every morning just to get that steam room prep, though lathering on the face is a pain.
Omega Boar Brush
PSO (Pacific Shaving Oil)
ARKO Berber Tras Sabunu :thumbup1:
Merkur Classic Open Comb
Merkur Blade
Witch Hazel
GFT Coral Skin Food

Pinaud Clubman EDC

Gillette Fatboy razor
Israeli blade
Rooney medium style 1 brush
Musgo Real shave cream
Thayers rose witch hazel
Baxter's AS Balm
Merkur HD w/derby
Proraso (green tube)
Vulfix 2197
Witch Hazel w/peppermint EO added
Proraso ASB
A wink and a smile
Taylor's Rose Shave Cream
MenU Premiere Brush
1950 Ever Ready Razor
GEM Stainless Blade
Witch Hazel
Nancy Boy A/S

Hot shower No scrub

Shavemac Silvertip
Poraso Green Tub Soap
Gillette Slim Adjustable
IP 3rd shave
3 Pass 5,5,7.

Neutrognea Razor Defense ASB
KMF Olive Oil/Aloe bar soap
NB Gentle Fash Wash

Merkur Futur
Derby - Day 2
Vulfix 2234
C&E Sweet Almond
Feather Kanwa
Trumper Curzon EdT

B- shave today. Been away from the Futur for a while....
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