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🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰🦊🦤🦅 SOTD Animals Week!!! 🐸🐵🐼🐨🐺🦉🦇🐴

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Prep: Hot towel
Razor: Rockwell 6S – #3
Blade: Gillette Bleue Extra
Brush: Brad Sears Archduke 26/50 2-Band Manchurian
Soap: Macduffs Soap Co: American Vintage (V4 base). another new soap
Post: CeraVe moisturising lotion..

Mmm, American Vintage, what a lovely scent, it strangely made me reminisce about the 1963 ES335 that I had as a teen. The performance of this soap is top tier, so it's a massive thumbs up from me. Colour me happy!
Saturday, November 26

Arko~~Simpson~~Cobra Classic~~Sailor Jerry
Have a great day!
Bourbon French Doussan
Art of Shaving in Fine Badger
Gillette Fat Handle Tech
Gillette 7:00 Yellow (4)
West Coast Shaving Alum Block
Mennan Skin Bracer
Nivea Sensitive Cool Balm
Bourbon French Doussan EdT

Mitchell's Wool Fat
Simpson Duke #2 in Best Badger
11/16 Mappin & Webb "Nulli Secundus"
Tony Miller 3" Steerhide Strop
West Coast Shaving Alum Block
Murray & Lanman Florida Water
Nivea Sensitive Cool Balm
Nautica Blue

Haslinger Honig
Muhle 31K 256 Silver Tip Fiber
1961 Gillette Model 195 Fatboy"
Gillette 7:00 Yellow (5)
West Coast Shaving Alum Block
Clubman Original
Nivea Sensitive Cool Balm
Montblanc Individuel

11/24 & 25/22
Speick Shave Stick
Muhle Synthetic Silver Tip Fiber Travel Brush
Merkur Open Comb Travel Razor
Gillette 7:00 Yellow (6&7)
West Coast Shaving Alum Block
Nivea Sensitive Cool Balm
Bourbon French La Vie Nouveau

Haslinger Ringelblumen
Vie-Long 13052
13/16 Dorko #1054
Tony Miller 3" Fast Bridle Strop
West Coast Shaving Alum Block
Clubman Original
Nivea Sensitive Cool Balm
Montblanc Individuel

Treet Yo Self Carbon Blade PIF / Animal Week / NOCvember

Pre: hot shower then a warm water splash

Razor: T.R. Cadman & Sons "Bengall"
Razor: Haircut & Shave Ti Efficient
Blade: Leon (carbon steel)

Soap: Barrister And Mann Lavanille
Brush: Yaqi Black and White Marble
Bowl: Bluff Cove Pottery

Post 1: P.A.A. Alum No-Slip Grip System w/ Dry Dock System
Post 2: Dickinson's Enhanced Witch Hazel Deep Cleansing Astringent w/ Menthol & Eucalyptus
Aftershave: Pinaud Clubman Classic Vanilla
Post 4: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream Extra-Dry w/ Hyaluronic Acid

As Animal Week continues I pulled out another never before used Leon (carbon steel) blade. I was expecting this blade to be a bad add the Tiger blade was, but it was not. I'll get to that soon.

I took the time to strop the Bengall so that it was ready for today and again it performed extremely well. A "shave ready" straight cuts so well.

I did my first with-the-grain pass with the Bengall and it sung. I then switched to the H&S Ti Efficient with the Leon blade and things were pretty good. The Leon is definitely no Nacet, Wizamet or Personna blade. It wasn't even as good as the Falcon blade but it in truth it was a capable blade in all but going against-the-grain. It struggled in this direction, feeling rough, like it wasn't cutting well. The with and across passes were just fine and this blade was clearly better than the Tiger. The Leon wouldn't be my first choice but I would not feel bad if it were the only blade I had on hand to use.

The Barrister and Mann Lavanille in Omnibus base was beautiful. The lather I whipped up with the Yaqi synthetic was thick and dense, and very slick. The scent was a real pleasure as well. The lavender and vanilla are blended in an elegant design. I most definitely want to pick up the aftershave splash to complete the set.

I concluded this bbs shave with my favorite Pinaud Clubman aftershave, Classic Vanilla. The smooth dry-down is just heaven to me.

Alright gentlemen, that's it for today. Take care and enjoy your shaves!

Sunday SOTD

Razor: Weber/UFO Colibri
Blade: SuperMax Sunrise (D7)
Brush: Sawdust CreatioStudio OUMO Lotus Manchurian 26mm
Bowl: Castle Shave 4 1/4"
Pre-Shave Scrub: SheaMoisture African Black Soap
Pre-Shave Balm: GroomingDept Rainforest
Shave Soap: Moon Soaps Astoria
Balm: Saponificio Varesino Puro Burro di Karitè
Aftershave: Moon Soaps Astoria


Check Out Chick
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1) England: Brush Progress Vulfix mixed Badger and Boar.
2) Poland: Shaving Cream Nivea Men Sensitive Pro Hemp Shaving Cream.
3) England: Razor Gillette Flat Bottom Tech.
4) Israel: Razor Blade Eddison Stainless.
5) France: Alum Block Osma.
6) Germany: Aftershave Balm Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm.
7) R.O.I. EDT Bespoke London.
8) USA: Lather Bowl Captain’s Choice Copper Lather Bowl.

SOTD: 27th November 2022.


Shaving recipe for today.

Prep: Warm shower:/ Nivea Men Power Shower Gel.

Cold wet flannel to my face.
Palmolive Naturals Olive & Milk Bar Soap.
Brush: Yaqi 26mm Rainbow Brown Synthetic. (Faux Horse)
Bowl Lather.
Bowl: Home Bargains Stainless Steel Side Bowl.
Lather: Omega Eucalyptus Shaving Cream.
Frankenrazor: Yaqi DOC Head / Schmidt R10 Handle.
Blade: Lancet Super Platinum. (D2)

Cold water face wash with brush squeezing's, Cold Water Face Rinse. /Alum Rub. /Cold Water Rinse. / Homemade (~Autumn/Winter mix~) peppermint lavender, eucalyptus, + Tea Tree essential Oils Mixed Together With 200ml of Care+Witch Hazel. /Nivea Men Replenishing PSB. /Milton Lloyd Essentials No9 EdP.

A relaxing Sunday morning shave.

It's been a while since i last used the Omega shaving cream and forgot how much easy it is to create a slick protective lather, with a good kick from the Eucalyptus oil to give my ageing face sensors a vibrant winter morning wakeup call!

The Lancet Super Platinum continues to impress me with its smooth efficiency.

A comfortable 2 pass + pick-ups silky smooth shave with no errors to report. Finishing the shave off with a few small squirts of Milton Lloyd Essentials No9 EdP to the pulse points.

My face is feeling cool, smooth & smelling divine. ;)

Stay Safe and enjoy your Sunday Ladies & Gentlemen. 😎
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