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SOTD 23 May - 31 May 09

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The lather seems to be on the thin side.. :lol:

The lather was on the thin side, but then he's starting out with a BBS cheek anyway; so I didn't have him take too much time with the stirring. Nine year olds have a short attention span, and I didn't want to bore him; so I spent most of our time making sure he had control of the blade.

This is just lesson three. The first two were DE. This was the first Str8 lesson. We spend several minutes before lathering up to learn how to hold the razor, how to hold it securely, to approach the cheek with the razor already at the right angle....

He loved every minute of it. He mentioned that his 13 yr old brother hadn't shaved yet... and that he (the 9 yr old) is shaving before his older brother....

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I used to do that with my Dad when I was a kid. He had a Gillette DE he would give me (without the blade of course) and I'd remove Barbasol from my face with it. Good show, I'm sure your grandson had a blast.
Way cool. I'm looking forward to teaching my grandson. I have a long wait- he's only 10 months old! :lol: But he really is BBS (everywhere!) :lol:
I remember that with my dad, He gave me the DE Gillette I use now with out the blade.....I even have pics of my girls all lathered up mimicking Dad....
Sunday 24 May 09

No shave again today. Two days in a row, what's this world coming to? :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
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