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SOTD 1-7 Jun 09

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Penhaligons BB
Rooney 1/1 Super
Slim Adjustable on 5
Gillette 7O'clock green(1)
Aqua Velva Classic
Kiehl's Ultimate Men's Aftershave Balm

I'm doing the month long soap journey too! Not doubting my choice of Penhaligons one bit!:biggrin:
Merkur HD
SMF brush
Trumpers Violet shave cream
Lucky Tiger Toner
Trumpers Spanish Leather Cologne

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Monday Morning:

*-First time using items in BOLD

Hot Shower/Hot Towel
1962 Gillette Slim Adjustable (at 2)
BIC Platinum Chrome (Shave #1)
Proraso Red
Pinaud Clubman AS Splash
Preferred Stock

Pretty terrific shave today. Very impressed with Proraso Red and the BIC blade. I don't use my slim often as I have had problems getting nicks and cuts with it before. Not so today. The Clubman AS has a great scent after it's been on for a bit. Great way to start out the morning!



"Got Shoes?"
after shower at the sink:

Polo 8 Best
DR Harris Marlborough s/s
Thayers Lavender w/h
SCS Mediterrenean Splash a/s
Bvlgari pour homme edt
Hot shower / CF Preshave
Martin de Candre soap
B&B LE '08
39c Slant w/Feather - d1
Caldey Island Lavender AS
Creed Royal Scottish Lavender
The Month long Journey Starts today.

Musgo Real Glyce Lime Oil Soap
Omega 48
Merkur HD
Perma Sharp (2)
Aqua Velva
Nivea Sensitive ASB
Lime Skin food
Month long soap journey, Day 1:

Shower / DR Harris Almond SS / Rooney #1/1 Finest / 6/8 Le Grelot / Speick AS / QEDman ASSC

Plisson 16 HMW
Taylor of Old Bond Street Mr. Taylors Cream
Gillette No. 58 with Gillette "Swede" Blade
Thayer's Rose Witch Hazel w/ 15% alcohol
Gentlemen's Refinery AS Balm
Floris Vetiver EdT
Hot shower w/Dr. Bronner's rose soap
Kyle's prep
Trumper's rose shaving soap
Edwin Jagger DE89Lw/Feather
Alum block
Proraso After Shave
Czech & Speake 88
  • R.A. Rooney Style 2
  • Mitchell's Wool Fat
  • Quarter Hollow Le Grelot
  • 444
  • Floid Blue
  • Tiffany & Co., For Men

The Journey begins! good to see a handful of folks on board!!


B&B Tease-in-Residence
Strop: TM Genuine Linen/Hand American Cordovan Leather
Razor: Tim Zowada B&B LE Damascus
Brush: Rooney 2/1 Finest Badger
Soap: Santa Maria Novella
Aftershave: Santa Maria Novella Lotion
Edt: Bond No. 9 Coney Island
Hello June!

Chatsworth with Derby
Rooney 3/2 Super
Pre de Provence SS
Dorothy's Original Skin Oil
Geo. F. Trumper Wild Fern cologne
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