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Sometimes You Trip and Stumble Over a Catch in The Wild

I went back to my home town and was wandering around lamenting all the changes, and happened to wander into this junk pile disguised as an antique store. They had four straight razors in one place, but they were so rusty that I couldn't even read the manufacturer's names. I had about given up hope of finding anything when I found another niche in the piles of junk that had a case which contained this cased set for $5. The case itself is in terrible shape, with rust and the majority of the fabric deteriorated, but the razor itself and the blade box are pretty good. The box alone was worth the price.
IMG_20180806_082550.jpg IMG_20180806_084031.jpg IMG_20180806_083847.jpg
Nice find. I've had Ok luck in antique malls. Haven't tried antique stores yet for razors, they are generally more hit or miss, in both finding and prices.
I have to degrease and sterilize it before I try it, and I have several projects that have higher priorities. I wasn't even looking for shaving gear when I stumbled into this place. If it shaves in a decent manner, I'll probably have it refurbished, as the gold is pretty well gone in places. Unfortunately, there is probably not much that can be done with the case.
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