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Sometimes you get a reality check

Just spent more $$ on a strop than any other single piece of shaving equipment I currently own*, as I have been getting good shaves with straights recently. I went overboard (for me) a little while back and ordered 3 RR soaps which I've barely touched since I'm trying to use up older stuff. I keep prevaricating on buying a Feather RG.

This morning I had no time, so grabbed my PAL injector and shower shaved with a smattering of shampoo.

There was no majesty, no luxury, no feeling of accomplishment, no continuing to learn to master the art of shaving.
But it was an irritation free, incredibly cheap, very quick SAS, so I had that going for me.

Sometimes I think I need to step back and do a baseline check. Most of the time, I'm in De Nile.

(*carefully worded so as not to count an ordered Rudy Vey brush)
I hear you. I had been going over board looking for the perfect shave. I found it early on with my Schick Adjustable Injector. But I wanted to perfect my double edge shave. Now that's done and I'm thinking about a shavette. After that who knows - a straight.
All part of the hobby part I think, Glenn.
As my technique continues to improve, I start to get it a lot more.

"Wow, that was the best shave ever with the Feather RG passaround! I must get me one!"

Next shave was with Ever Ready 1924 - "Wow, that was the best shave ever! Do I need an RG?"
PAL injector - "Wow, that was the best shave ever! Do I even need my DEs?"

I'm going to take a couple of DEs with me on vacation as I haven't used one in months between GEMini, SE sundays and a pledge to use straights until I'm competent.
I'm fully prepared to get a "Wow, why don't I use DEs more often?" :w00t:
This story sounds all too familiar. I think you are right that it has a lot to do with improving technique. Im in the same boat as you though
As is the topic in another thread, it's the thrill of the chase. As long as your family doesn't suffer, what's the harm? Much worse things you could do with your time and money I say.
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Too true. I could be pursuing loose cars and fast women instead of shaving hobbies.....hey wait a minute.....
I'm still trying to achieve the BBS with a straight razor. Close but no cigar. Shaving with a 2011 R41 spoiled me for achieving the ultimate BBS shave.
Sometimes we all over-try, searching for that BBS. BBS seems to show itself when we just go for a nice shave, and don't worry about getting BBS.