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    I hear ya.
  1. How dare you! That's all copy/paste brother. :)
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  2. Oh, so you're a lazy long winded fellow. You could still run all the windmills in West Texas...from Oklahoma.

    I hear ya. When I moved from Oklahoma to Texas there was a surprise for tax on food and no State income tax. There is a bill in State Legislature to reduce the property tax now. I don't blame you for wanting to get seems to be a fad up there. I wonder why?

  3. While I don't own any antique firearms, I do very much enjoy, seeing the pics you post of yours and reading of their history and of your experiences with them. And I wouldn't trade that for any other sub-forum out there. :)
  4. Pretty much, yeah.

    Maybe I should start charging you for electricity then...

    Sooner born, Sooner bred?
  5. My one promise is that I will leave ideas that are ruining NY far behind. We are losing people at an increasing pace up here.

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  6. Tennessee sales tax is insane. 9.25% on EVERYTHING except medical related expenses. Yes...even all food.
    No state income taxes. Property tax last year on the house and acreage was less than $1500.
    County fees like truck tags, etc., about $35 a year.
    Need a big ticket item? Large grocery purchase? We drive 10 minutes to Georgia. 7% sales tax.
    Tennessee law allows open carry, no real restrictions on knives, no purchase waiting or other tedious restrictions.
    Yep. We’re very content here in the mountains.
    Now, anyone able to articulate a practical
    Non-military application for that silly looking AK 47 yet? I mean that is what started this whole thread.

  7. Got ahead and try to charge for your windy.

    Nope...Missouri Mule born, raised in Okie Land. Got to Texas as soon as I could. I said GTT.
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  8. I can't think of much, unless somebody just wants to do it. There are other options. If they want to do that...may God bless them...I don't mind.
  9. Nor I...well, perhaps the Zombie Apocalypse.
  10. Pry bar? :)
  11. This is why I always look at the total cost of living

    The AK? It's fun to shoot. I would love to have one.

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  12. Not unless you put a bayonet on it.

    I still ain't paying for your windy farts.
  13. why an AK/AR? Big city/suburb 5v1 armed home invasions. There’s enough examples of that lately.

    The only other example I can think of is political, even here in the US.
  14. The question I have is why not an AR?

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  15. Because it doesn't have a wood stock?
  16. I'm sure there are people out there that have taken deer and hog with an AK.

  17. The 7.62x39 round is ballistically very close to a .30-30; the 7.62 may be 100 fps or so slower pushing a 150 gr. projectile.
    Hence, it would be a legit choice for deer, hog, or other similar game.
    .223/5.56 is a tad lightweight for that says collective opinion.
    For Florida deer (aka Dogs with Horns), an AR would probably be fine. I’ll stay with my Henry lever for that though.
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    Pffft! I had to go back and look! Thought it was an AR - couldn't even tell under all the junk!

    AA :001_tongu
  19. I recently sold my AR and bought a Henry .22lr (plus a couple other 22's) with the proceeds. First lever rifle I've owned, looking forward to seeing the grin on grandson's face this summer.

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