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Here is something that will speed up the process: Get some La Toja cream in a tube. Wet your brush and shake it 3 times with light, but not soft force. Then, put a dab of La Toja the size of your fingernail on the tips of the brush hairs. Start rubbing and building lather right on your face. Keep going until you get a good lather, then shave. (it will not look like canned foam, but will be creamy looking foam).
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Your Slim is a great razor, one of my all-time favorites. Now you just need to get you technique down.
It is about time to put away that Gillette and buy a good, quality straight razor. Then, you will get a great shave without irritation and feel as if you have accomplished something.
Do as a sort of bookend to this, here is an update.

My technique has definitely improved.

I was using the blades that came with the king C Gillette on setting 9. Decided to try Wilkinson sword classic and found them to be not as sharp.

I have done one shave with a Feather blade on setting 7 and am wondering if that is too high, because dragoon them some sharp blades! But I like it.

One thing I was not expecting is how smooth my face feels. I have always tended to be a bit obsessive with shavingecause if I can still feel stubble, then I must not have gotten it all, right?

But I was surprised to learn, even with a sharp Feather blade, I might get that stubble feeling. But after I wash my face again, it's what people apparently call baby bottom smooth.

So I'm not only learning about shaving, but more about my own facial hare growth, and how it behaves post shave.

Thanks og shave gang!


ATF. I use all three.
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