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... something new for dinner ...

I'm approaching my 60th year, and have been the chief cook & bottle washer since I was married almost 30 years ago. Figured I'd run out of ideas. But no.

I knew that I had a slab of salmon that needed cooking tonight, and I was tired of the grill. The grill is easy -- anything you cook over fire tastes better. :001_smile

This afternoon, it hit me. Leeks. Previously, I think I'd only used leeks in leek & potato soup. So, I picked up a leek on the way home. And some celery, 'cause we were out.

De-skin the salmon. Cut into serving-sized pieces. Salt, pepper, thyme, rosemary & parsley (the latter 3 fresh from the garden, 'cause it's been a mild winter in NoVA). Heat up the Dutch oven. Add a drizzle of olive oil. Fine dice a stalk of celery. Quarter some baby carrots. In they go. A little white wine and vegetable stock. When the carrots were just starting to soften, added the washed, sliced leek. A little more wine & stock. Let it go for a minute or so. Add the salmon. Let simmer for about 5 minutes, then flip. Add a tomato cut in sixths. Throw in a bit of dill & a bit more parsley, then cook another 5 minutes. Done.

I should add that before I started this, I quartered some red potatoes, tossed with salt, pepper, Aleppo red pepper flakes & olive oil, and put that in a 375° oven. They cooked for about a half-hour.

Mrs. E was pleased.