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Something I noticed about my razor this morning.

"For safety reasons . . . " --

If it were unsafe, you'd know it:

. . . Have you been nicked by the slightly-more-exposed edge ?

. . . Have you been experiencing razor burn, on one side of the blade ?

. . . Can you _feel_ the greater exposure ?

If not, "safety" doesn't come into the question. But esthetics -- an appreciation of quality and "fitness for function" -- surely do.

Get another razor (which you may have done, already). You've spent enough emotional energy obsessing about this one.

. Charles
It doesn’t look super serious so how are your shaves? Do you feel a difference?

Yeah, my first thought looking at the picture was, "I'd shave with that."

Hannes' idea is a good one. Put the cap on a towel, put the razorblade on the cap, then lower the baseplate onto it and then install the handle. Just as you get the handle threaded on, then use your fingertips on the tabs on the ends of the blade and see if you can gently guide the blade into line as you gently tighten the handle. The cap has to be pretty loose to adjust the blade, and then you need to somewhat hold the blade in place while you snug up the handle.

As you note, you're not out much if it's a bum razor. On the other hand, there's no reason not to use any razor you have, inexpensive or princely, if it can be loaded and shaves well.

I saw this picture.
This offset may have a slight difference in skin feel, but it will not affect the safety or completion of the shave.

Use it happily :)
Point of order, cheap implies both quality and cost. Then there's value, quality at a lower cost, that can be said to be inexpensive or cost effective.
Many many if not most vintage Gillette's are in the value category. I'll put a $10 tech against any modern razor, for quality of shave and build... drawing the line at a Fatboy which still is a mechanical marvel by today's standards in the $50 realm for a minty example. Dive into a $500 Executive in the ostrich leather case... well, there goes value, but I'd still prefer it to any modern razor. I do love my Feather AS D2 though as well ;)

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