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Something different with every shave challenge.

The challenge is to see how far you can go with changing it up. The idea is that there is something different with every shave. The item should be a physical thing. If it can't be photographed then it's not eligible.This is all based on your word. So pictures are not required. However, images are recommended. The legitimacy of an item can be challenged by another member. At this time there will be a vote amongst the current members and the majority wins.

There is no need to shave every day. However, the maximum stubble is 14 days. List the shave number, date, and thing. If you get to the point where you cannot post a new item, your shave number is less than someone else's, and you have passed the 14-day stubble requirement, you're out.

Start date January 1, 2023.

Just state that you're in before the start date.

Joining the challenge after the start date:

You will still be deemed a member. However, you will not be eligible to be an official winner. It could be fun to surpass the original official winner.

I am using a spreadsheet to keep track of the thing that is different. This way, there should be no duplicates.
Hey, guys I was looking at the 14 day stubble part. My original thought was that it would give plenty of time between shaves. (Camping trips or travel….) Now, I’m starting to think 14 days is too long. What do you guys think about seven days instead?
I’ll be shaving every day, or every other day. However you want to set it up, I’m good with. I’m looking forward to the challenge of having something different every shave. Well done!
Looks like I will be traveling for the start of this event. I do want travel carry-on only. So that brings a whole new challenge of itself.
First shave January 1 2023
This shave was with the Fatip open comb plate.

Shave #1 2023

Razor: Gillette Single Ring
Blade: Astra SP (2)
Soap: MWF
Aftershave: Fine Latigo
Brush: omega 10777 Boar
Post: Alum Block

I think for every shave after this, I will make the “different” item of my shave italic. Just trying to figure out how to keep track.
Played a total wild card today and decided that I wanted to shave with my Rolls Razor Imperial 2. So with some flip flops and some back and forth, I gave it a try.

Razor: Rolls Razor Imperial #2
Soap: MWF
Brush: Omega 10777 Boar
Post: Alum Block
AS: Skin Bracer

Blade felt weird. I wouldn’t say it was tugging, just well….weird. I gently made 3 passes on face lathered MWF. I went with the alum block because I was expecting irritation however, there was none.

Think I’ll spend more time honing and stropping and give it another go.
Shave 5
January 5, 2023
Today’s travel themed feature is, Dorco NEW PLATINUM ST300.

This blade was part of my original wet shaving purchase. It has been in storage in a humid and salty air environment, for over 4 years. No signs of rust. Not the sharpest blade I’ve ever used, but it did the job.


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