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Somehow weird question: Growth of beard differs left / right ???

Currently I am still testing blades.
I started using one blade on the left and one blade on the right side of my face. Next day I switched the sides to eliminate differences
in handing the razor with the right hand on the left vs. the right side of the face.
BUT: It seems, that the left side needs a shave earlier (which I don't - not to make the whole manoeuvre even more complex).
Then I started to use one blade on one day and the other blade every other day. Same thing: Left grows faster than right.

Did I lost my mental stability over all that blades?
Does reality has any importance to me any further?

More seriously: What I am recognizing here? What effect is this? Is it really possible that the left side produce hairs(whiskers?) faster?
I used to have a full beard, this was visibly an issue for me. I cut my own hair and I have the same problem with my head. I shave daily and this hasn't become noticeable at a social distance.
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