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Some vintage brushes (Simpson, Plisson, etc), Razor Hones, Strops

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$5 flat shipping in the US. International would be actual cost.

Top down:

~4" long vintage Synth. Very good vintage Synth. Leaves an edge similar to my Apache Strata. $9

~6" long (at its longest) Jnat. Traded for this on B&B. They had bought it from a good seller (JNS I think it was?) for ~$60 if memory serves as a Tomonagura. It's good size for hand honing and is a pretty good razor finisher. Soft and easy to use. A little less fine than my preferred Jnat, so it doesn't see much use. $45

Clauss Straight. This is the USMC model without the USMC stamp. Otherwise identical. 6/8" Good shape except scales are missing a piece just beyond the pinning. (Visible in the bottom left corner of the backside picture). $25

Mail Pouch Razor. Really Nice condition, including scales, but scales need tightened. I'd say it's 5/8". $50

Improved Eagle Razor. Good condition blade, scales a bit beat up and need tightened. ~6/8" $40

Vintage Butterscotch bakelite handle. Simpson Emperor I think? Knot cleanly removed (20mm), came with a 20mm Maggards knot, but they weren't glued together, so you can use it or buy something else. It can be expanded up to 24mm I think, which will be my plan if no-one else wants it more. Figured I'd put it out there first rather than waste the knot. Two cracks in the base. $40

Vintage brown badger. Handle looks like a Plisson to me, but it's not marked and the knot is very dense for a plisson. If it is a vintage Plisson, I'd say it's for sure a "Pure" grade given the color. Still got decent softness, and actually a pretty nice (but small) brush. $25

Vintage Plisson Badger in Nylon handle. I suspect this is European Grey. Very typical Plisson. Not great density, but really nice hair and well made. $45

(Vertical) Really nice handle Vintage probable Simpson reknotted with a 24mm Maggards. It APPEARS to have 28/560 stamped on it... so possibly some kind of very limited run way back in the day? It's a nice brush and a nice knot, good loft. Very slightly convex on the bottom (like the hand turned vintage Simpsons occasionally are). Really like the brush, but I'm on a mixed hair fan kick and the knot is 2-part epoxied in place, so not easy to remove. Hoping to trade it for a similar handle with a trashed knot or even better, a removed knot... also 24mm. Trade only atm for similar vintage handle in 24mm

Vintage Moose Head Strop. Feels like Shell to me. Very fast, fairly thin for a vintage, and a nice linen component. This was probably my most used strop for the past 5+ years. It works great and I didn't have to worry about it. Only notable damage is a tiny little tear right at the end near where I grip. I'm right handed, so the tiny tear (left side) never was an issue and hasnt spread since I noticed it about a year ago, but depending on how taut you pull it, it may be an issue for a leftie. $30

Homemade Spanish Cordovan Strop. Spanish Cordovan and Vintage Flax Linen Firehose secondary. Linen ~18" long, Leather down the middle starting at clip ~17.5" (What I'd call the usable length). Long side leather ~21.5" Short side ~16.5". Width is just shy of 3" for leather. Linen 2.5" wide. $50


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