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Some razors for replating

I decided to send a few razors to Chris over at Back Roads Gold for some attention. I asked his opinion on a couple of them and had a few other razors I wanted to be repaired and fixed up or replated. He was kind enough to give me his real opinion and not just say "Yes, replate all". That kind of service is nice to get.

The reason for this thread is to show something he noticed that I hadn't. A very odd thing with a Fatboy Razor. When he was cleaning it up he found that the Knurling was done differently on the bottom half of the handle compared to the top half of the handle. He said the odd part was like what was done on the Black Beauty. This he had never come across so my Fatboy razor is one in a million. LOL.

Now I sent him 5 razors. He did some repairs to a Milord that was missing an endcap. And just fixed up the Fatboy. Then replated three others for me. So here is the pictures he sent me after the work was done. I know he has a much better ability to take pics so I figured his pics are better than anything I could do. Hope you all like them.





What you are seeing is a Milord on the left, then a 1940 Super Speed, Then a Robart, and finally a New Short Comb. I can't wait to give them a few shaves. I'm afraid I might go broke if I start sending him more razors as they look so fine after his touch.
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