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Some questions about Above the Tie open combs

How does the M2 compare to Merkur's open comb? I think what gives Merkur's OC its mildness is the fact that the blade follows the curvature of the plate and the edge touches the teeth. Is ATT's M2 like that or is there a gap between the blade edge and teeth? A few pics of the M2 loaded would be awesome.

Do any of ATT's handles have a flat bottom? (Can they stand without a stand?)

If not, do other manufacturer's handles work with them (like Weber)?
The M2 is not at all the same as the Merkur OC. The M2 is more efficient than say the Weber PH and has a tad more bite. The blade does not touch the teeth, but the gap is fairly small. All of the ATT razors have a fairly large blade exposure, which makes them efficient. M shouldn't be thought of as mild, but as moderate. I prefer to shave with an English LC NEW and the M2 is in that league.

The ATT Kronos handle does not have a flat bottom. You have to stand it on the neck. It will take a Weber handle, at least the classic, as that's all I have.

Hope this helps.
I agree with what Jeff said, I would just like to add that the Atlas handle won't stand on its base either, but as the ATT uses a standard thread most handles will fit certainly my Weber, iKon and UFO ones do.
I attempted to take some pictures for you but my phone camera really didn't want to focus correctly. But as Jeff_H said, the gap is small, I'd say very small.
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