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Some Plisson Transplant

+1. I've had them with glue in the fibres, uneven base, cratered in the center of the knot, etc. All have had glue bumps to varying degrees of severity; aesthetically unpleasing, but they've all lathered really well and splayed without a big effort. I hope the new, larger versions will overcome the uneven quality because it's a fine brush when firing on all cylinders. As a side note, I'd like to try a Plisson set in a custom handle at a lower loft and see how it stacks up with the GCo. I've had the latter set at 54mm in a custom handle and the extra density is nice -- but that knot still works best when set low.

[Re: Grooming Co. knot] . . . imo they def need better qc. the knots also seem to vary a lot in density and some lean to one side. . .