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Some of my personal brushes for sale

I was trying to rearrange my brush collection and I found I have way too many...So, I decided to sell a few. So these two are the first ones to leave me....
These are personal items and have been approved for posting in the BST by the Moderator Team.

Both have Eliterazor two-band Manchurian White knots installed.

The first brush is a AS3M styled big boy in UK Disco resin. The knot measures about 32 mm at exit with a loft of 53 mm.

The second one is a Chubby 3 styled brush in UK Dark Coral resin. The knot measures a tad over 27 mm at exit with a loft of 50 mm.

Either brush comes with my plastic tube which doubles as a travel tube (just add some hole to top and bottom).
In each box I will toss in some goodies (soap samples, fragrance samples etc).

Brush 1 (AS3M, Disco resin) $110 SOLD
Brush 2 (Chubby 3, Dark Coral resin) $100

The price does include shipping in CONUS - cannot ship international.
Contact me via a pm here or better email me to:

[email protected]

First come-first serve.

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