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some minor surgery

My friends, tomorrow, I'll be having some minor surgery, so I won't be around for a few days, and I probably won't be shaving during this time. (Lord knows how I'll look!) :eek: See you all soon!


Best of luck. You know, it's only minor surgery if it's on someone else. Any surgery I have is MAJOR!:scared:

Rik said:
You be in my prayers.

If you see rtaylor61 walking towards you with a straight, run! :eek:

Rik...that's uncalled for...just because I performed minor surgery on myself the first time I used a straight...I mean...really....:eek:


We'll have to change your username to scruffyfacejeff.

But seriously, good luck. Let us know if you're still kicking in a few days. :wink:

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