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FS Some less common razors in nice condition, a few brushes.

I am thinning out my collection a bit. Probably two listings. The first is some less common razors and a few brushes. More razors will follow soon. I worked hard to find the best examples of these, mostly cased and with some blades. Prices are shipped CONUS, please add 3% for Paypal.

Pomco travel slant. Excellent condition no plate loss or damage, in case. Some wear on inside of case. These are nice because they fit most handles so you can use it on almost any standard handles as well as the included handle. $175

Kirby Beard. Scalloped head is in excellent condition. Slight brassing on the lower part of the handle and the threaded end piece. Case with both blade banks. Case in average condition. $325

Apollo in leather case. Plating is in exceptional condition – I bought several of these to get one without a pitting. Some slight plate loss where the handle meets the baseplate. Case snap works. Small tear on upper part. Includes a 10 pack of Solingen“Rosemary” blades. $175

Valencia open comb slant. This razor looks wicked but gives a very pleasant mild shave with no fuss. In case with one blade bank. Case is in average condition, some water damage. $165

Gillette Aristocrat #16 – very similar to the #66. In excellent condition no plate loss – perfect rhodium glory. Includes pack of blades and instruction leaflet – I am not a Gillette expert so the blades may not be exact for this vintage. The case is in average condition – weak hinge, lining worn. $195

New standard. Very good condition – no bent teeth of plate loss. Hairline in top of handle where it meets the threaded boss. Case in average condition. Missing blade banks. $75

Delta Echo in house razor. Die cast head, black and gold coating. Very smooth shaver, moderately aggressive. In original box as sold when DE was still active. $70

Original Weber head (they sold about 20 of these on ebay and then went dark for a couple of years before restarting). This is offered on a custom made 16 x 90 IMG_3630.JPGIMG_3631.JPGIMG_3632.JPGIMG_3633.JPGIMG_3637.JPGIMG_3641.JPGIMG_3642.JPGIMG_3643.JPGIMG_3644.JPGmm titanium handle. These razors were modelled on the Gillette old design. Shave nicely. Handle is very sweet. $65

Empty chrome plates razor box unmarked. Includes some old blades. $15

H.L Thater silvertip in nice square plexiglass handle. Just over 25 mm at the handle, loft about 50 mm. A soft brush with enough backbone to make it work. Decent density. $90

Gealousy, 28 x 53 fan knot beehive. Knot is treated to create hooked “gel tips”. They work as advertised. $65

Simpson Classic synthetic in travel tube. 21 mm. IMO Simpsons make the best synthetic knots out there. $40

ONLY with razor purchase: Swiss Pitralon 60% $10, Tundra Artica 60% $5, Myrsol Don Miguel 90% $15. All three for $25.
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