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Some antiques that I found (3 straight, 1 safety, 1 coticule hone)

The safety razor appears to be Gillette "the new" model, circa 1929/1930. It comes in a red case with a brass case to hold blades. Unfortunately the handle has a crack at the bottom because the end piece is too wide (maybe it got dirty) and forced it to split.

The straight razors are marked C (or maybe G) JOHNSON with hammer and 7 stars, TORREY with a line under it, THE TORREY RAZOR CO WORCHESTER MASS. The JOHNSON one appears to be older, with a handle that I'd guess to be carved out of horn.

The coticule (I think? I just learned about these right now) says "Genuine Belgian Razor Hone" on the box.

Any info on dating the items would be appreciated!
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