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Solvent resistant fountain pen

I have been into fountain pens for several years, I was quite excited to start a career where they would be a daily general use item. After college, I started working in a lab as chemist, I expected that, like college lab work, I would be observing and writing down observations pretty regularly. That is not the case though in my current job, it is fast paced, and while I enjoy it, it leaves little opportunity to use my fountain pens. I often have small amounts solvents on my gloves and as a result I'm hesitant to use the acrylic pens I have acquired up until this point.

So, are there any pens you lot would recommend? I don't need military grade resistance or anything, but I think I would prefer metal or stone or glass (?) bodied and gripped pens. The less plastic the better, I'm looking at the mid and mid+ price range. Ideally 50-200 dollars, something pleasant to use but not incredibly expensive if it gets damaged. If you feel a pen outside of that price range would fit my needs you're free to recommend it as well!
I like my Faber-Castell Loom. All metal, a very air tight clip on cap. Very smooth writing nib. You'll need a converter.



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That Loom is a decent looking pen. I like the thought of a steel pen. Are they very heavy?
That Loom is a decent looking pen. I like the thought of a steel pen. Are they very heavy?
Here is a picture I think I've posted before.
Don't know about the Loom, but the pen on the right there is a Faber Castell Neo. Quite light, and rather slim as fountain pens go, which I like, but many do not. Also, many people say that they do not like metal "sections" (where you grip the pen), finding them slippery. I don't have that problem, but many do.

The pen on the left is a Parker 180 with a "F/B" nib (you flip it over 180º to change between fine and broad). I like mine quite a lot, but it's the slimmest fountain pen I know of, which again is a turn off for some people. And it hasn't been made since the mid 1980s, so I can't guarantee what prices you'll find on a used one.

Other no longer made all metal pens that are worth noting are the Pilot MYU (left) and the Montblanc Noblesse. The Montblanc is a workhorse model from the 1970s which you should be able to find at lower prices than their luxury models. The integrated nib on the MYU is very, very, cool, but would be very hard to fix if it gets damaged, and finding one of these in good condition at a reasonable price could be hard.

There's also a striped MYU, but they're even harder to find.

And there's the Murex. You can find a picture on this page.

But for something more practical to look for, the Parker 45 (link here)is a lot easier to find, generally not too expensive, and came in a metal "Flighter" version, although the section is plastic.)
That Loom is a decent looking pen. I like the thought of a steel pen. Are they very heavy?
It has heft. A Pelikan M1000 weighs around 32 grams I think. The Loom comes in at 33 grams. And my Platinum Procyon is 23 grams - which right there tells me it's not really a heavy weight.

Thanks for some great suggestions everyone! I'll be keeping an eye out for some of these. Honestly I don't have a favorite of the bunch so I guess I'll just purchase one when the mood and price are right.
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