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Solingen Razor -PIF-

This is a PIF for a German-made "Dorko Solingen" razor.
It is basically new. I've used it once.
Comes with original box and blade.

The head of this razor has a different blade gap on each side, so one side is milder and the other is more aggressive.

To tell the truth, it would be wiser on my part to sell it, because it is a beautiful vintage razor in a wonderful shape.
BUT... I appreciate this forum very much and all of its members, and thankful for what this forum had given me, so I've decided to PIF it.

Here is the razor:


I am completely twisted on this one. I really want to own a Dorko SR, and really love their DEs as well. I am goi to bypass the PIF... For now. Good luck to those who enter. This is a once in a lifetime PIF, in my opinion. And I have seen some amazing pifs in the past

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Fantastic PIF, I can't believe it!

I'm in, please. Can't pass this up.
I'm in! I'm sorry I cannot resist. This a beautiful razor and I just couldn't pass up the chance at it. Thank you for the opportunity!
Even from far away...that razor look incredible. Since using Safety Razors in May this year, I am totally hooked. I would love to use this Dorko Solingen.

Please count me in if you don't mind sending all the way to Malaysia. Thanks for chance!!
Greetings. Great razor! As always, Igor gives everyone a chance to become the owner of this beautiful thing for free. How wonderful that there are good people on earth who give gifts, like Santa for Christmas. But I will not participate, it seems to me that I found my razor. Good luck to all participants! Regards, Eugene.