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    I don't see much talk about solid colognes on here, and thought i'd create a thread for this...

    In recent weeks I've started seeing more and more of these advertised and ventured into getting a sample pack of Fulton & Roark's solid colognes.

    Admittedly I've never really been a big fragrance user, as i always found the scent to be short lived, or even causing some irritation when sprayed on a freshly shaved neck, but after using F&R Sterling yesterday and again today, it has changed my opinion on frags. This scent is right up my ally. Warm, tobacco, leather, vanilla - perfect for cool Aussie days...

    To me, the benefit is that it doesn't cause me, or my wife to start a sneezing fit, like so many sprays do, as well as the ability to reapply with ease, by not smelling out the entire floor. Simply grab the container and rub the finger over it for a few seconds and apply to areas desired. I go wrists, behind ears and back of my neck.

    I'd be interested to hear of others opinions on solid colognes as well as thoughts on different brands available.
  1. I have one solid cologne made by an artisan here in Canada. It is definitely not overpowering which I is a plus for me. It's kinda hard to put too much on which is also nice. I don't think they will appeal to 'that guy' who wants people to smell him (and make fun of him behind his back :)) a mile away but they work ok for me.
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    The two I've tried are pretty faint.

    In this day of watered-down, EU-neutered, oakmoss-free scents, we need ... more speed! More cowbell! Horsepower! Muscle colognes! Monsters of offense. :devil2:

  3. Cremo had a boxed set around Christmas that included theirs. I kind of wish I'd gotten it.
    I believe it's available from the website, though, in a few varieties.
  4. Hahaha. I want people within 2-3 feet of me to lightly smell it. A cologne shouldn't last 30 minutes and done. Needs to last 8-12 hours. But than again I don't use enough to make people talk about me as... "That Guy!"
  5. I have only tried the P&B Imperial Bay Rum and as much as I like the soap and balm the cologne was a big disappointment, but being in the US it was all that could be shipped. I understand that they are coming out with a liquid but I'll never be able to get it here.
  6. I've made some at home. I like a more subtle scent, so it works for me.

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  7. I ordered some Olivina Bourbon Cedar sometime back. Love it! I had become smitten by their shaving items and deodorant from the local HyVee. The solid cologne has a strong, almost linear scent, and smells clean, earthy and vibrant. This stuff doesn't go through "stages" like conventional cologne does. The scent stays the same throughout, but gradually the strength of the scent fades away. I also like how you can control the amount applied whereas spray cologne usually comes flying out when you press the sprayer. I have worn this four or five times now, and am pleased, might have to snoop around to see other soIid offerings. I see Duke Cannon has some solids on the market. Might have to try a summer freshie type if they offer one.
  8. I bought some Barber's Bay Bay Rum Solid Cologne off the Bay (that's a lot of Bays :001_302:). Its pretty good. As it is Bay Rum, it is quite subtle but the SO likes it and being solid, it seems to have a few hours longevity.
  9. I have the Taconic Solid Colognes. I like them. I just don't like the greasy feeling they leave behind.
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    Greasy and poor longevity in the couple I have sampled. I am not a fan, but admittedly have only tried a couple and can’t even remember what they were. I am unsure why they have such a following, but to each their own... I would be interested if it wasn’t greasy and had good longevity.
  11. I haven't traditionally been a frag guy, but I have become more interested as my journey down the wet shaving rabbit hole has progressed. I have been able to try three different solid colognes with mixed results, but in general a pleasant experience. My intent on wearing a scent is for my own personal enjoyment, not my neighbors. I find the solid colognes tend to last 4-6 hours for me with small projection, so they are well suited to daily wear in the office, for me. Solids have been rewarding enough for me to continue trying out different brands and scents, but not enough to give up on growing in the liquid frag arena either. I am finding that options are still fairly limited, but I'm seeing more and more come to market.
  12. Solids are worth looking into for air travellers (in USA), since they don't count as liquids in carry-on luggage.

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