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Good afternoon all,

I have a large lot of soaps and aftershaves that I've accumulated in my quest to try things. I would prefer to trade, but would also be happy to move some of these - so they are priced accordingly in what I think is a very fair secondhand fashion.

CONUS Only via USPS, please be prepared to add $8-10 for shipping costs, see below for trade interests, but I'll entertain most serious offers.

FREE SAMPLE OF YOUR CHOICE (Per item purchased) while they last!

  • $10 - Stirling Sheep
    • Used twice, List Price $14
  • $26 - B&M Diamond Soap & A/S
    • Used once (scooped only), List price $42
  • $23 - B&M Cologne Russe & A/S
    • Used 3-4 times, List price $42
  • $20 - Oaken Labs Earth of Mankind (4oz)
    • Used once (scooped only), List price $25
  • $18 - Declaration Grooming & Chatillon Lux B Cubed (4oz)
    • Used twice (scooped only), List price $24
  • $18 - Grooming Department Tao (4oz)
    • Used once (scooped only), List price $24.50
  • $7 - Barberia Bolognini Fluido Dopobarba (100ml)
    • Used Twice, List price $10
  • $10 - Cella Red (150g)
    • Used Twice (scooped only), List price $14.50
  • $14 - A&E The Undersea (4oz)
    • Used 4-5 times, List price $25
  • $10 - Stirling Barbershop Beard & Pre-shave oil (3oz)
    • Used twice, list price $14

Aftershave Samples:
  • Pinaud Clubman
  • Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve
  • Stirling Triumph
  • Stirling Glacial Lemon ChilL

Soap Samples:

  • Passionately Natural Lavender
  • Passtionately Natural Frozen Earth
  • Zingari Man The Navigator
  • Zingari Man The Explorer
  • Proraso Sandalwood
  • Proraso Green Tea & Oat
  • Soap Commander Courage
  • Stirling Port-au-Prince
  • Stirling Campania

Sample Sets:

  • Stirling Nag Champa
  • Oz Shaving Co. Pumpkin Head Jack

Trade interests (Everything below is an example)

  1. Aquatic-scented soaps/aftershaves:
    1. Catie's Bubbles - Marche du Rasage
    2. Chiseled Face - Trade Winds
    3. Murphy & McNeill Garda Siochana or Cliffs of Moher
    4. Shannon's Soaps - Lakeshore Drive
    5. The Goodfella's Smile - Abysso
    6. Black Ship Grooming White Whale
    7. Black Ship Grooming High Sails
    8. Zingari Man the Watchman
    9. Barrister & Mann Reserve Waves
  2. Pine/cedar scented soaps/aftershaves:
    1. Catie's Bubbles - Pine Barrens
    2. The Sudsy Soapery - Pine & Cedar
  3. Fall/Winter Seasonal/Holiday Soaps/aftershaves
    1. Stirling Christmas Eve
    2. Barrister & Mann Vespers
    3. Barrister & Mann Melange
  4. Cologne-like scents
No longer available:

  1. Cologne Russe set
  2. A&E The Undersea
  3. Zingari Man soap samples
  4. Passionately Natural Lavender sample
Also available:

$19 - Mammoth Soaps Mood Indigo (scooped twice)

Happy to trade in your favor and/or include multiple samples. Make me an offer!
Ok, I'd like to move this stuff.

Take 25% off any/everything OR B2G1 if you're buying.

Will entertain offers for more than just what I have listed above. Just try me, and I will more than make it worth your while. Let's get this stuff where it will get enjoyed!
Have agreed to a trade of Mammoth Mood Indigo, DG B Cubed, Grooming Department Tao, and Oaken Lab Earth of Mankind.

Here is what remains:

  1. Stirling Sheep (Soap)
  2. Barrister & Mann Diamond (Soap & Aftershave splash)
  3. Barberia Bolognini Fluido Dopobarba (Aftershave oil/balm)
  4. Cella Red (Cream/soap)
  5. Stirling Barbershop (Beard & pre-shave oil)

  1. Pinaud Clubman (Aftershave)
  2. Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve (Aftershave)
  3. Stirling Triumph (Aftershave)
  4. Stirling Glacial Lemon Chill (Aftershave)
  5. Passionately Natural Frozen Earth (Soap)
  6. Proraso Sandalwood (Soap)
  7. Proraso Green Tea & Oat (Soap)
  8. Soap Commander Courage (Soap)
  9. Stirling Campania (Soap)
  10. Stirling Nag Champa (Soap and Aftershave splash)
If anyone wants the whole lot, I'll ship it to you for $55. Will also, of course, entertain further trades.
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