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    Here is a great chance for somebody just starting out wet shaving or for those that are having problems with irritation and/or dry skin. The use of pre-shave oil and aftershave balm has made a huge improvement in my face's ability to recover as I learn to use a straight razor. Clearing a little room from my active rotation drawer. All of these products work very well, but I have decided to move on to other products. Price includes US Priority shipping and PayPal fees.


    Saponificio Varesino Felce in tub ($23 retail) ~90% remains
    RazoRock P160 ($6) Used Once
    Art of Shaving Lemon Pre-Shave Oil ($25) ~ 90% remains
    Art of Shaving Lemon After Shave Balm ($40) Used Once (Wife found it too strongly scented!)
    Discontinued Atkinson's For Gentlemen Shaving Cream ($10) ~90% remains
    Van der Hagen Shave Butter (Excellent Pre/Post Cream as well as Brushless) ($6) ~ 50% remains
    Bevel Pre-Shave Oil 1 oz ($15) and Restoring Balm ($15) Unknown amount remaining, heavily used Consider a FREE bonus

    Total retail is $110, take everything for $45 shipped! First PM takes it
  1. How about $40?

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  2. SOLD
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