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Softest synthetic brushes out there, any recommendations? Love the Faux Horse fibers, no scrub or very little prefered

Soft synthetic brush and you like the Rainbow Pony…

As already stated: The Wald A1. There is nothing like it.

I understand that the Wald is beyond your price point at this time, so I’ll throw out some other great options that do not cost a lot.

Yaqi Purple Mink: very soft bristles, short loft, so no tangles

Yaqi Arctic: the white knot in a semi translucent sea green handle: very soft bristles.

Yaqi Evil Zebra: looks like a reverse tuxedo knot, bigger knot (26mm), soft, good density.

Good luck with your search.
How would you compare the Purple Mink to the Purple Haze, if you've tried the Haze? Both seem interesting
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How would you compare the Purple Mink to the Purple Haze, if you've tried the Haze? Both seem interesting
@OscarSWE unfortunately I have never tried the Yaqi purple haze brush. It’s a good looking brush and everything I’ve heard about the knot has been positive.

Sorry, I can’t be more helpful.
Motherloade sounds great, read up on some reviews of it and wow. It really sounds like what i'm looking for it. Do they set the knot themselves if I ask for it? I've never set a knot personally so that'd be helpful
Elite Razor should be able to set a Motherlode knot for you in one of their handles. But if you want to set it yourself, it's really easy. I like to use a silicone adhesive called Marine Goop. It does a good job securing the knot, but unlike epoxy, it allows me to easily remove the knot later if I want to.
My T3 was exactly that and I wasn’t happy with the short and thick handle either.
I’ve found the Trafalgar T3 difficult to splay as well. I like the handle on it though. The Trafalgar T2 is easier to splay IMO
I find the Trafalgar splays easily, it is less dense than the other Simpsons (hence the low price).

The Platinum bristles are worse, stiffer and more prickly. But they are great using painting motions, which is what I got used to doing, I find no downsides.
The platinum fiber is definitely stiffer than the sovereign but I find it to have softer tips than the sovereign. I don’t find it prickly at all
I just got the Stirling 2 band tuxedo. Check out the reviews on their website. Mostly 5 star.
It’s an excellent brush. I’m not surprised that it has a lot of good reviews. While it’s not my favorite synthetic I still enjoy it when I use it

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This Yaqi "Lucky dice" 26mm brown whiskers fan knot, this is a very nice knot. Luxury heavenly cloud like soft tips with a nice gentle splay scrub. I won this is a Yaqi live raffle(I'm not sure they sell this one anymore or it was a proto type?) and I will suggest to stay with a 26 mm diameter synthetic knots for a nice face feeling brush is what I recommend & I enjoy.
Brush Collage March 22 2023.jpg

Have some great shaves!
I have the PAA Astraeus and it is silky soft and great for face lathering. Being it is 22mm it has a little backbone but still makes a good lather from a puck of soap. I love the clear acrylic handle's squared shape.

I have the Yaqi purple haze and it too is very soft and comfortable for face lathering, with a nice splay and comfortable sure grip handle. This brush is a great value and performer.

I have the Muhle STF 25mm and it is the best of them all for softness, splaying, and the ability to suck up soap for a nice face lathering. The handle is boring and seems small for the knot size. For the price of this one, you can get four or five Yaqi's.
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