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Socially UNacceptable Shave?

We've all heard the term Socially Acceptable Shave (SAS). It's, apparently, the worst shave you can have while still being able to step outdoors and interact with the general population without being ridiculed.

But has anyone ever seen or had a Socially Unacceptable Shave (SUS)? I'm imagining a man who attempted to shave but somehow missed the entire left side of his face. To the point where people snicker and laugh behind his back. If it was a uniformed error in shaving technique, then where does the line between a SUS and fashionable stubble lie?

It may seem like semantics, but I'm curious if anyone has ever witnessed this.
Other than the patches of toilet paper on his face (I'm assuming he'll remove those and clean himself up before entering a social situation) his shave shave doesn't look bad.
I've finished shaving and later realized that there were patches of visible stubble remaining. That's got to be a SUNAS...it'd be even worse than not shaving, due to the patches. It's not like anybody is going to ridicule me for it but I certainly wouldn't let it slide if I was on my way to a job interview.
As long as one makes an attempt and shaves all of the lather off his face, I don't think it is possible to have a completely SUS.
Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer had been kicked in the head by Crazy Joe Davola. He shaves only one side of his face, puts on one leg of his pants, starts randomly saying Yo-Yo Ma...lol.
I would define a SAS shave as one you could get by with at work or going out with friends without looking like you've been veg-ing out on the couch for a couple of days. It probably looks fine but if you were rub your hand on your face or rub a cotton ball across your face you'd probably find evidence of stubble.
This is embarrassing, but I have had a socially unacceptable shave. I was very late for work one Monday and grabbed an electric to shave in the car. Well I didn't go high enough on my cheek bones, so I was clean shaven minus visible 2 day growth on my cheekbones! Didn't notice until about a hour and a half into work. And my fantastic coworkers decided it was funnier to not mention it lol. The boss called me teen wolf for a week after that.
Yea, one of the guys I helped to get started with DE had what I can only describe as a socially unacceptable shave. He had shaved and I really couldn't really tell. About as many spots were completely missed as were clean shaven with some of his beard still at stubble length. He was trying to do a two pass shave in two minutes before he had the technique for it. That was a year ago. I don't know if he's improved upon that, given up, or is still doing the same thing.
In my early teens I didn't realise you were supposed to shave your neck*. So all my shaves were SUS(pect).

*I mean on/below the Adam's apple. Maybe I was unlucky with where my hair grew. In any case there was no clear dividing line between face hair and chest hair until beard growth became more obvious.
I had a lot of friends in high school who were proud of needing a daily shave, but none of them knew what they were doing and got a SUS, with many patches. They've all since grown beards or figured it out, but I didn't really start regularly shaving until last year.
That'd be my current shaves with the straight. I'm only using the DE, right now, for areas that are sore (collateral damage from the straight) and my upper/lower lip (until I get better practice).

Today: I've got a good slice on my left cheek and I missed a patch under and beside my chin that are immediately obvious.

I have mentioned to my colleagues that I'm trying out the straight razor and to disregard my shaving (mis)adventures until I either get the knack of it or give up and go back to the DE.
Being a young guy I would say that this is very much based on who you interact with and what you consider "going out of the house". In college one could get away with anything. Every one just assumed that you had stayed up late studying and were far to tired in the morning to realize what you were doing. You could shave half your face and get away with it. Now that I am in the professional world there seems to be a range of what is acceptable. If you want to be taken seriously clean shaven or a neat beard/mustache is acceptable. I work in software and there are many people who come in with 3-5 days of uneven stubble or bad shaves and get away with it, but then again they are software developers and generally don't interact with anyone but each other. The more business oriented and forward facing people are generally more clean shaven. Its touch to make a call but I have always felt that anything other than a clean shave or well kept facial hair is unacceptable to go out in, but hey thats just me.

My first attempt at a straight ended in bloodshed...

Needless to say the fine cut across my right cheek caught attention of all the wise guys at work and ribbed me all day over cutting myself shaving in 2013 (they assume I was using the Multibladed cartridge razors). The ribbing stopped as soon as they knew with WHAT I cut myself with. :)

I would say that was socially unacceptable.
Lots of irritation and cuts. Red patches, razor burn all over the face and neck.

I've had this of above this summer and friend was looking all weird at me, and asked me what the hell was that.
But no one asked me that if I left a bit of stubble in lack of time for ATG. :biggrin1:
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Yes to that! The other day I had one of these after a miserable experience with a Supermax! I've learned not to 'cheap out' anymore on a blade from this, my whole shift I was Red as anything and man did it burn! Took 48 hours before I could even touch my face!
As long as one makes an attempt and shaves all of the lather off his face, I don't think it is possible to have a completely SUS.

+1 I don't see how you could miss a section and leave patches of visible stubble. Sounds like really bad technique of perhaps lifting the razor. The photo of all the blood soaked patches are due to a PUS. That is, a Personally Unacceptable Shave:thumbup:.
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