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SOC logo modification

The SOC is a great brush, but I always thought the logo looked a little too plain. So I took an oil pastel crayon to it.

I like the look, and it has survived one lathering without incident. If I ever change my mind, I think I could scrape out the pigment.
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Green is my favorite color. And that is awesome. Well done and thanks for taking the time to share it with us.
+1 on the Rooney's. Is that a 3/1 with a Finest knot?
Love the green on the SOC, cool idea

Yes, that one is Finest. I also have one in super, and an identical handle with a TGN knot. I am kind of partial to the 3/1 handle shape.
It looks brilliant, when I read the title I was worried about what I may find but that looks really great.
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