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Soaps you've purchased more than once

I have a bad habit of wanting to try everything new, whether it's a new scent from a soap manufacturer I like or the latest artisan getting good reviews here. Today I was considering soaps (and creams) I enjoyed enough to buy more than once. My list is:

WSP barbershop
Dr. Jon's 1803
Razorock XXX
AoS Peppermint cream
AoS sandalwood
Proraso green (croap and cream)

PdP 63 and Cella are two currently in my den that I fully intend to replace when they run out. What soap/scents do you enjoy enough that you have purchased them multiple times? Have any of you gotten past the desire to keep trying new soaps and scents?


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I've got multiple Palmolive shave sticks. I bought one and liked it, so I added a few more later. They might not stay at 50 pence each, so getting a few extras made sense.

For use at home, I used canned foam and gels for most of my life, and was quite late moving to brush and soap. My first brush came with a cream, which I found quite underwhelming, so I decided to try a soap. Mitchell's wool fat.

That one soap only met it's demise recently, after being with me for over four year's (grew a beard for two years, and only shaved infrequently before that). I decided to try a couple of others before just getting another puck of Mitchell's - and somewhat regret it. Once my current soap is used up, I'll just go back to Mitchell's for home, and Palmolive for away.
Repeat purchases include:
Benton Clay (several scents)
Col. Conk (several scents)
Godrej round
Mama Bears (many scents)
P.160 Tipo Morbido
Palmolive stick
Proraso Green
Speick stick
St Charles Shave (several scents)
van der Hagen Deluxe
Wilkinson Sword black bowl
Wilkinson Sword blue bowl

Going forward, as I whittle down my stockpile, I will probably end up with 2-3 soaps, but in reality, it will probably be more as I can see Arko, MWF, and Tabac as part of my staple shave diet.
Palmolive Stick
DRH Arlington
DRH Almond
DRH Windsor
Wilkinson Sword Stick
Speick Stick
Speick Tub
C&S 88

There are probably more

Ad Astra

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All I can show is a million soaps with slight dents in the top ... :001_huh: I need to shave more than once a day, apparently.

I've got 10 Williams, 3 AoS Sandalwood, etc. if that counts.

Last order i placed and it's been a good while, i tried to order my second tub of Cella but it was out of stock so didn't happen. I may or may not try again as it's become abundantly clear to me that anything more then the weakest ephemeral scent is not part of a pleasurable shave, just go away fast.

I will reorder Lea & La Toja sticks
Provence Sante
Pre de Provence
Proraso Blue cream

I could do fine with just these for the rest of my life. I have soaps which I haven't used yet so this list could grow, Tabac is one that makes a lot of people's short list, we'll see as I am not initially crazy about the scent.
Vintage Old Spice
Palmolive shave stick
Proraso Red Tub
Pannacrema Nostalgia
Chiseled Face Ghost Town Barber
Arko stick
Palmolive stick
Palmolive cream
T&H No 10
La Toja stick
Lea stick
Proraso Green cream

For creams
Nivea, TOBS, ES natural cream, arko cream. But don’t generally buy creams anymore. Last purchase of a shaving cream was body shop maca root.

Rest of soaps/creams have typically been one and done. (Doesn’t mean they were not good).

I have tried quite a few others, and there are a few more I’d like to test out, but I could be happy with these until the end of my days if needs be.
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