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Soaps vs Creams, what you prefer?

Soaps, I find them more rewarding to use and more moisturising. I don't have any creams in my den but occasionally use some of my dads for old time sake.

Funny though because my favourite scent of all time is TOBS Eton College but it's not made in a soap.
I've been using real creams and soaps since July. So far, I have preferred soaps. They were easier for me at first because I tended to not add enough water to my creams and the lather ended up too sticky. I've gone back to trying some lately (I just tried Bigelow for the first time this morning) and am finding them much more enjoyable than I did at first. I'm in hard water, and for some reason I need a lot of cream to build sufficient lather, so the drawback for me is that creams tend to get used up more quickly.
I guess you could call me one of the folks who is into the "traditional old way" in that I use soaps. But, to be honest, your right it is more work with soaps, especially for a newbie learning the ropes. However I have found with soaking the puck of soap for a couple minutes before loading, then (without shaking off the water from the brush) loading the brush "bristles up" holding the soap above the brush. Load for 20 seconds (at least), then face lather. This method gives me a beautifully creamy lather! I love it. But your point is fairly taken.