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Soaps vs Creams, what you prefer?

What you prefer, guys? Or it doesn't matter to you as long as you like the product? Call me non traditional (i know some folks prefer soaps only because they are traditional and old way) but for me, i always liked creams. First off all, because my very first shaving product was soap and a very hard one, so for sure i've had lots of troubles with it as a newbie. And it was very mediocre as well, so i've tried cream and was very happy. From that day i was a cream guy. Anyway, latter on i bought a croap, hoping i would like it because it's almost a cream anyway. Croap it self is fantastic and i like it, but still found myself seeking for creams, even though i think that croap is best performer from what i have. My reason are:
With cream, you don't have to load it on a brush, just squeeze some out of tube or use dab from a tub. Once again, loading the brush is the traditional way of doing and i suppose most love it, but not me. Mainly because with cream i can actually clearly see how much i'm using and adjust everything with ease. Then with soap/croap i tend to always load too much (and really, who said more product is better?) and have to mix everything forever adding ton of water (since my technique is start pretty dry) and so it's just annoying. :001_huh: Sometimes i still end up with so so lather simply because of over mixing i guess. And anyway i think it's always easier to adjust something when you have just enough, rather then loads and loads, or when you not sure how much you have anyway. And i'm not even talking about hard soaps and pre-soaking them and all other troubles they create. So i'm sitting here and thinking, am i here alone or someone else also feels similar?
This will sound like sacrilege, but I prefer to use neither. I'll break out my old jar of MdC every once in a blue moon for nostalgia's sake, but when it comes right down to it, I gotsta have my shave jelly and latherless creams. Working up lather is a chore for me.
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Creams are certainly easier to lather than soaps, relatively speaking. I primarily use Proraso tub soaps. Easy to load and face lather. I will use creams and hard soaps occasionally but the best thing to do is find something you like and learn to use it. Experiment with a certain hard soap and practice making a good lather. Never write something off until you lean how to use it effectively. All products require different water ratios so keep trying.
I like to use creams and soaps equally. I get good shaves from both and enjoy the scents of both. Use what you like, I say.
I prefer creams. I just don't have the patience to get good lather with soaps, whereas my favourite creams lather up quickly. Have tried 2-3 soaps but don't buy them any more.
I wouldn't say I prefer creams or soaps, but I prefer some shaves better than others. Example: B&M (only available as soap), but TOBS cream.

Edit: Also, I ended up with more soaps because there are more artisan options out there. Creams don't come in as many options, so on the quest to "try them all", and reading all the reviews on B&B, I've amassed a bunch of soap even though I like cream too.
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I am mainly a soap guy, but a recent turn with the Neverending Travel Box reminded me that creams are very enjoyable. I simply have less experience with creams than I do soap. I guess I was drawn to soap way back in the beginning because that's what my father and grandfathers used. Plus, I enjoy the challenge of working with the different characteristics of each soap. Sometimes I have enjoyed supercharging a soap by loading the brush with a dollop of cream on top of the puck. The only creams I have tried are Taylor's Lavender, Tatlor's Avocado, Palmolive, Nivea, and Tabac.
I use both, but prefer soaps.
I look for two things from a product; a good lather (slick,cushion, protective) and a good fragrance.

Of my supply I have many soaps, and 3-4 creams that I will replenish. The creams are fragrances that I have not found in soaps I like.

I like the loading up of the brush on a puck.