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Soaps, razors, watch bands - oh my!

Three lots for you to consider. This is CONUS only please. I pay the shipping.

1. First up are the watch bands, all 20mm.

2. Next is a lot with the Yates DE razor - this is the head only, I do not have the handle. Delivers an amazing shave but a bit too close for my skin. Vintage (pewter?) bowl, great for using as a lather bowl. (Not quite as good as some other (cough, cough) lather bowls that I have seen...). Gold Dachs soap - 50% left. Two HC&C shaving soap samples. Baume.BE shaving soap puck - 99% left. DE razor in Gillette box that has broken hinge, it is in poor condition but serviceable. One unwrapped blade left in box. The razor itself does not have any Gillette markings on it. All four corner teeth are bent in, intentionally it appears. Serial #D882301. Using the data here on B&B that serial number puts manufacturing date at 1917 if it were a Gillette razor but it does not have any markings as such. Inscribed around perimeter of razor at base: PAT. NOV. 15 '04. An oldie but a goodie.

3. Last lot is two-part, first the vintage travel kit. Stainless steel soap container is on the left and fits into the open spot there. The leather strap that would hold it in place is broken. When closed it is secure, zipper works. One stainless cylinder holds the cute brush seen at the top. The other cylinder is full of a shaving soap stick. There is a mirror on the backside of the rectangular piece sitting diagonally across the top. DE razor is a Simplex - mild shaver like a Gillette Tech.

Second part of Lot #3... This lot also includes Crema de Barba shaving soap - 50%, LEA Classic Shaving Soap - 99%, Taconic Shaving Soap - Lavender - 99%, Gold Dachs soap - 50%, LA Shaving Soap in Vanilla / Eucalyptus - 75%, two HC&C samples, one small glass 1.5 ounce Pinuad Lilac Vegetal flask, one black DE case unnamed with Gillette blade case, one Ever-Ready SE razor in case.


Lot #1: $15.00

Lot #2: $68.00

Lot #3: $59.00

How to pay: PM me here on B&B to claim an item. This is PayPal only.






I have a similar vintage travel kit - but slightly larger with manicure set. Razor did not come with mine. I would love it if anyone would share info on it, especially who made it and what razor would have come with it. One Tuckmar Krone blade came with my set - not sure if that is original. I am not looking to sell as they are pretty cool. Thanks for any info.
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