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soaps for trade

Trying to find a good home for some products that are not getting much love. All soaps are 80%+ unless marked otherwise.

Italian Barber Amici
Wholly Kaw Washingtons Blend
Phoenix & Beau Spitfire
Phoenix & Beau Albion
Phoenix & Beau Solaris
Dapper Dragon Frankinscence & Myrrh
Razorock Mudder Focker
Dr. Jon's Arctic Hydra (scooped out enough for 1 shave)
Sapone Di Paolo Terroso soap (lathered 1x) matching balm (1x)
B&M 42
B&M Seville
B&M First Snow (unused)
Pannacrema Libanese
Beaver Woodwright Captains Pipe
Fine American Blend (new in box)
Mike's Orange, cedarwood, black pepper
TFS Tobacco Verde
TTFFC Angels Share
Soap Commander Fortitude (used 1x)
Chiseled Face Ghost Town Barber (1x)
Shannon's Silk Pajamas
Kshaveworx Recurve
LPL Cedar Pachouli
Henri Et Victoria Cognac & Cuban Cigars
L'ocatane Cade
PAA Clubguy
Stirling Spice sample (new)
Stirling Arkadia sample (new)

I also have a unused tub of Tim's Citrus Blossom Green Label I might consider trading (no longer in production) and a bunch of other soaps I would be willing to trade depending on the offer. All offers will be considered.

Art Of Shaving Pure Badger (used 1x)

OC Ball End Tech
OC Gold Single Ring
Gillette Slim

Looking for:

Route 66
Soap Commander Drive
Injector razors/repeaters
PAA soaps/aftershaves
Bufflehead (can't blame a guy for trying lol)
RazoRock Caribbean Holiday, The Stallion
Soap Smooth Frozen Cranberry
Mike's Coconut
Mickey Lee Souq
Savon De Vulcans
STone Cottage Soapworks Soaps
B&M Night Music
Stache Soapworks
Fuzzyface soaps
Razormaster soaps
Deluxe shaving Company
Midnight & two
also any artisans that can only be found on Facebook (since I do not use FB)
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my brain goes "thonk"
The only thing I have a lot of is Alvarez Gomez. Would you like to trade that? Are you willing to sell the Fine American Blend shave soap?

WSP Tobacco
Fine American Blend
Stirling samples
Kshaveworx Recurve

Also no longer looking for CRSW, PAA, or Ballenclaugh.

Thank you everyone for your offers.
Also traded:

B&M 42
B&M 1st snow

Am really interested in adjustable injector, repeater injector, Wilkinson Sword Classic DE (the plastic one)
Or one of the modern SE razors. Have other things I would be willing to part with depending on the trade.

I appreciate all the offers and participation from the folks here at B&B.
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