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Soaps for sale!

Rudy Vey

Over the time I have amassed quite a number of soaps. Since I do mostly use vintage soaps, these get very little use.
Most of them have been used only a few times, maybe 5 times, but not more then max 10 times.
I like to sell them as I grouped them together, but if someone wants the whole lot, let me know and we can come up with a price (for the pricing I applied the 40% off retail as in the Gentlemanly Deals Forum). All groups get a few goodies tossed in as well, mostly soap samples to sweeten the deals

First up is a group of D.R. Harris soaps (these are used very little and the writing on the soap is just gone):
Windsor in the dark brown bowl
Lavender in the light beech wood bowl
Arlington in a Mama Bear bowl
$65 plus shipping -in this group I add the Camelot soap from Turkey (stick squished into bowl, used 2x) SOLD!!!!!!

Second Group is a Valobra Fougere and a Kent soap (same as the revered MWF) in the old style Beechwood bowl (the Kent was maybe used 15 times or so):
$30 plus shipping

Third Group is:
HTGAM Synergy sap (used 3x)
Stirling Sandalwood less then 5 times)
Shaveclub (now Blades grim) Smolder (used 2-3 x)
Price for the lot is $25 plus shipping

Fourth Group is a couple of Mike's Soap (in my opinion one of the best artisan soaps, but these two do not get much use at all, so they have to go):
$15 plus shipping SOLD!!!!!

Please pm or email me ([email protected]). As always, first come - first serve.
I will be traveling in the next week outside the country and may not be easily accessible, but will ship latest by next Saturday.


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