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FS Soaps, AS, Colognes, and Stones

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Lot One: $125

Two (2) tubs of Roam (whatever base the 5 year anniversary was) with matching unopened AS and unopened 30 ml cologne. Soaps may have been smelled, but have not been used.

MDC Vetyver. Used 3 times and rinsed each time. My face burns when I use it, unfortunately.

BandM Sandalwood with matching AS. Both unused.

Shannon’s City of Champions. Unused

Stones: All purchased from notable dealers $350

Ohira asagi. Hard and Fast. 8” x 2.9” x 1”+ great stone, just doesn’t get used anymore.

Tomo and Nagura-

Narutaki (olive-ish on the left) super hard. Great as a finishing tomo. Roughly 2x2x 3/4”

Mejiro striped, 158 g. Hard

Chu (square, no stamp). Best stone in the lot. Can be used whenever in the lineup. Awesome. 114 g

Koma (long speckled) is ok and takes some getting used to. Certainly not the same quality as vintage, but ok. Roughly 5 x 1.5 x 3/4”

Two other included are what I think is a Tsushima and an Ozuku, but I’m not positive.

If you want both lots, $400 takes them.
PayPal only Gifts and Services
Conus only. Buyer pays $10 shipping and I’ll cover the rest.
PM if you need any other details.


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