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Soapers that don't use synthetic scents?

I've been out of the scene for a bit and am wondering if there's any new soapers who are making all non synthetic scents like APR (RIP) or Tallow and Steel?

I was using my remaining tub of APR - Velours Noir this week, a scent i have had a mixed relationship with and i finally fell in love with it. The way the scent doesn't give away that much off the tub other than the almost overpowering smoky vetiver and some sandlewood under it, but opens up plenty of complexity when lathered and it reminded me why i like 100% non synthetic scents so much.
Right now I am using Succes (Pineapple) and my wife has Lavender. Both are great. From the reviews I’ve seen, there doesn’t seem to be a bad scent.
Succes uses fragrance oils (artificial). Many of the other Ethos scents are natural in whole or in part. I believe Lavender is natural. Mandarino Fumo is mostly natural but includes an artificial leather accord.

From time to time, Grooming Dept will release a soap that is all natural (essential oils, absolutes). This will be the case with the upcoming English Lavender scent to be released on the 21st.

Some of Shannon's soaps are all natural.

Some Mystic Waters soaps are all essential oil.

Some (a few) MacDuffs are natural.

One or two of Lisa's are all essential oil.

Some (most) Mike's are natural.

You have to carefully read the descriptions provided to make the determination.
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He's not new, but I like Mike's Naturals. I've been using his Orange, Cedarwood, and Black Pepper lately.
Mike's Natural Soaps - Mike clearly indicates which soaps are all essential oils and which have have fragrance oils. I think Mystic Water Soaps does a good job of indicating how the scents are accomplished too.

Mike's Natural Soaps is the 1st artisan soap I bought back in 2014-2015 and I was amazed with it. I just rediscovered Mike's Orange, Cedarwood, & Black Pepper and then stumbled across Mike's Rose & Cedarwood in one of my shave soap totes.
Has Mystic Waters fixed their formulation in the last few years? I had some of their tubs from around 2016 and had a very hard time getting a lather out of them. They did have a great moisturising post shave feel though.
This information is directly from Ethos regarding aroma’s:

“1. Lavender Supreme - 100% Natural
2. Succes- a blend of both Naturals and Aroma accords.
3. Melange Di Agrume/ 100% Natural
4. Lost Souls - 100% Natural
5. Tibu Saboni- 100% Natural
6. Mandarino Fumo - 100% natural with the exception of the Leather accord
7. Tonka Bean - 100% Natural
8. King Of the North - 100% natural with the exception of the Sea Salt accord.
9. Fresco - 100% Natural
10. Nuage de Citron - 100% Natural
11. Blood Orange- 100% Natural
12. Mandarin & Orange - 100% Natural
13. Greenfresh - 100% Natural
14. DFS Colonia - 190% Natural.
15. Peppermint- 100% Natural
16. Dragonsbeard- 100% Natural
17. Peche de Vigne - Naturals and Aroma accords
18. Sweet Lavender- 100% Natural
19. Sandalo Artistico- 100% Natural with the exception of 2 Aroma accords
20. ShaveMD - 100% Natural
21. Both Bay Rums - 100% Natural
22. Rendezvous - Naturals and Aroma accords.
23. Sakura - Naturals & Aroma accords.
24. Vetivert - 100% Natural
25. Bergamotto - 100% Natural
26. Vanilla Safi - 100% Natural
27. Ascelepius - 100% Natural
28. Mysore Santal - 100% Natural

So there’s the list of all the Aromas that I’ve done to date.”
Succes uses fragrance oils (artificial). Many of the other Ethos scents are natural in whole or in part.
I have been informed by the maker that the Ethos Succes scent is a blend of both natural essential oils and aroma accords or as some call aroma chemicals. It is number 2 on @MilkCrate's list above. I am further informed that the maker created his aroma accord from the ground up and did not use off-the-shelf fragrance oils.

I place a high priority on accuracy, mindful of the fact that we are dealing with reputations and livelihoods.
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